A girl who changes every thing and herself.


1.Leo:He is normal kid is shy and in love with Stargirl,Collect porcurpine neckties also want Sargirl to be like every one else, 2. Stargirl:She is dirffernt she has a pet rat name Cinninnam wears starge clothes has a regurler room normal partens and a office at Achies shed  and plays the ukulele.3.Achie:A  friend of Leo and Kevin a college porfessor who has retired also has a lot of fossils.His tool shed

Kid's Pick

My favorite part in the book is the perfect kiss when Stargirl kiss Leo on the side walk .

Figuative language

Strong verb examples

1. But Kevin was screaming on the 222.I jump in the family pickupand raced to the 223.I bolted from the 224. Kevin was windmilling his arms.page225."See better up here" he said, yanking me into the 22


Stargirl by Spenill pages 14,15,18.Pictures from google.