Theme 1 - Norman is not normal

Everyone knew that Norman was not normal. He talks to himself, a dead raccoon on the ground, and to ghosts. He can talk to himself in a serious manner. He was yelling at himself in the bathroom. Water was gushing all over the place. He was making loud sounds like he was pooping. He does things that normal people would not do.

Theme 2 - Normans weird abilities lead to him having to save the day

Norman can talk to dead people. This weird ability along with his uncle telling him needs to save the town causes confusion for Norman. His uncle tells him to put the witch back to sleep at her grave before she raises the curse of the undead people. Norman reads a bedtime story to the witch at her grave, but it does not work as she is not buried there. It is too late as the curse is already beginning. Zombies begin chasing after him. Norman talks to the zombies, tells them to stop, and everything goes back to normal. The witch sleeps another year. The zombies rest in peace.

How they relate