Badger Bulletin

Volume 2, Issue 32

Badger Family,

Hello May! I know this is an incredibly busy time of year but with that being said, there are so many wonderful things happening on our campus. I appreciate the role each and everyone of you play in the lives of our children. It takes a village and I am grateful that we are working together! I hope you all felt truly celebrated and appreciated this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. Please know that we appreciate you all each day. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Our Week At A Glance

Monday (5/9)
  • STAAR Testing / 6th & 7th Grade Math / 8th Grade Math STAAR Retest / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • Advisory - Grade Check, Binder Check, WOW -8th grade
Tuesday (5/10)
  • STAAR Testing / 6th & 7th Grade Reading / 8th Grade Reading STAAR Retest / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • Advisory - No Club - WOW - All 3 grades
Wednesday (5/11)
  • STAAR Testing / 8th Grade Science / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • Advisory - WOW - 6th & 7th grades
  • National Nurse Day / We love Nurse Nyemade!
  • DPAC / HCTC / 4:30
Thursday (5/12)
  • STAAR Testing / 8th Grade Social Studies / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • Advisory -Lions Quest - All 3 grades
  • Soccer Game vs. Wayside / BHS / 5:30 & 6:40
Friday (5/13)
  • Advisory -Planner Check & WOW
  • Last Day to check out library books
Sunday (5/15)
  • Happy Birthday, Holly Willis!
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Dates from Mrs. Peters:

  • May 13th - Last day to check out library books, district-wide.
  • May 17th - All books due to library
  • May 17th - Lone Star Reads Field Trip to Itz Pizza
  • May 23-27th - Spring Book Fair

Badger Business

  • We will have some changes on our campus regarding our special education department and I wanted to communicate all of those with you. Next school year we will have 2 units of Life Skills and we will no longer have 2 units of Structured Instruction. As far as staffing is concerned, all individuals impacted have been communicated with and we are now working with HR and Special Programs. Our district's goal is to do what is best for our students which is to get them all on their home campuses and/or as close to their home campus as possible.
  • Jackie Auger has decided to resign at the end of this school year and devote her time to her wedding venue business. We wish her the best!
  • We are running very low on butcher paper. Please re-use the butcher paper you use to cover your walls for testing by folding it up and holding on to. If you can save what you use next week for next year, that would be fabulous!

  • We know that next week will be a very long week for all due to testing. Please wear jeans and comfortable shoes all week long.
  • We are seeking a new cheer sponsor for the next school year. Please get with Christie Warden if you are interested. Thanks!
  • Next week during STAAR testing we will provide the following meals for those involved in testing each day. Please join us on the stage for lunch.

Monday- Lasagna and Salad
Tuesday - BBQ
Wednesday- Pizza and Cupcakes
Thursday -On The Border

  • Important Information from Jeff Allen regarding your laptop computer- Our Technology Dept is working on a new image for next year. I am asking you to please drop the laptops off with me on the last day of school, June 3rd, when you check out. I will start the new image and you can pick them back up the next week , week of June 13th at Ed Willkie . So please back-up all of your documents and pictures and any other things you have saved on the laptop. Once I image it, everything will be erased so PLEASE back your things up on the cloud or a pin drive that will hold all of your saved stuff. Please make sure you name is on your laptop bag so I can make sure the right one gets back to the same person.

The Beginner Band attended the Saginaw Band Invitational on Saturday, April 30th. They earned an "Outstanding Performance" and a first division rating from the judges.

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Shout Outs!

  • Katie Munk- Thank you for organizing and taking care of our AP Spanish testing for all 5 middle schools!
  • Karen Walters - Thank you for helping Laura in the front on Friday!
  • Corrina Peters & Kayla Bradford - Thank you for your creative gifts in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!
  • Gayatri Pandit - Thank you for leading the ELAR PLC so that Tamara could teach round 2 interventions!
  • Corrina Peters, Jennifer Smith, Katie Munk, Kayla Bradford, and Karen Walters - Thank you for your role in our Algebra testing!
  • Alicia Leone- Thank you for helping with Algebra bootcamp!
  • Danny Knowles & Elisha McDonald - Thank you for serving students and cleaning up after the Algebra bootcamp!
  • Ashley Velasco - Thank you for taking care of all of our needs!
  • Garrett Smith, Michael Payne, Tamara Williams, Holly Willis, and Susan Naizer - Thank you for serving on the NJHS faculty council!
  • Elisha McDonald - Thank you for being actively involved in our kids' learning!
  • Katie Munk - Thank you for the cookies that provided for our students attending Algebra bootcamp!
  • Christie Warden - Thank you for a smooth Algebra testing experience for our students and staff!
  • Jen Fifer & Ashley Velasco - Thank you for all of your help with Teacher Appreciation Week!
  • Sam Bailey - Thank you for helping with round 2 interventions in the afternoon for 3 days!
  • Tamara Wiliams - Thank you for your work on our awesome yearbook!
  • Alicia Leone, Brandon Brounaugh, Carl Lorey, Michael Payne, Bob Eikenberry, Richard Cox, Ashley Velasco, Jen Fifer, Jen Mobley, Laura Ortiz, Kayla Bradford, Ms. Huggett, Brady Blair, Cara Shaffer, Karri Boyd, Dana Scott, and Rob Moore- Thank you for covering classes when we were in a bind!
  • Kellie Dixon - Thank you for being sincere, kind, and inspirational!
  • Tywanna Jones & Heather Rush - Thank you for always giving your students your best during morning and afternoon tutorials!
  • Christy Brewer, Maria Galarza, and Christina Franklin - Thank you for being kind, generous, and patient with your students! Your dedication is admired!
  • Bob Eikenberry, Holly Willis, and Kyle Wheatley- Thank you for helping the 8th grade math teachers with round 2 interventions!
  • Emily Staples, Susan Naizer, and Kayla Bradford - Thank you for helping our 8th grade round 2 interventions students by running off copies on the spur-of-the-moment!
  • Ashley Velasco - Thank you earning an A+ on your financial audit with our district! You rock!
  • PTO - Thank you for providing lunch and awesome treats for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Important Upcoming Dates

  • 5/16 - Soccer Game vs. PV / CTHS / 5:30 & 6:40
  • 5/17 - Band Concerts @ CTHS - Beginning @ 6:30 / Symphonic & Honors / 7:30
  • 5/20 & 5/21 - Soccer Tournament
  • 5/21 - Theater Monologue Showcase / Ed Willkie / 2:00 - 4:00 pm
  • 5/23 - Choir Concerts @ EW - 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Choirs / 6:30 pm
  • 5/24 - Soccer Game vs. HMS / CTHS / 5:30 & 6:40
  • 5/25 - 6th Grade Art Field Trip / Kimbell Art Museum
  • 5/25 - 2017 DC Parent Meeting / 6:00 pm
  • 5/26 - 7th Grade Art Field Trip / Dallas Cowboy Stadium
  • 5/26 - 8th grade awards ceremony / Cafeteria / 6:30
  • 5/27 - 6th grade awards ceremony / Cafeteria / 9:00
  • 5/27 - 7th grade awards ceremony / Cafeteria / 2:00
  • 5/27 - Band Party for 7th & 8th grades / Ed Willkie / 6:00 - 10:00 pm
  • 5/30- Memorial Day / School Holiday / No School
  • 5/31 - Ice Cream Band Social / Cafeteria / 6:00 - 7:00
  • 5/31 - Soccer Game vs. CV / BHS / 5:30 & 6:40
  • 6/2 - 8th grade Dance / Cafeteria / 6:00 - 8:00 pm
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To enter attendance for every class period. Make sure you enter your 2nd period attendance between 9:45 - 10:05. Thank you!

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