Put It Away Or You Shall Pay

Don't put your fingers near the needle while sewing

This is a Bernina 1005.

This sewing machine's needle can pierce your skin in an instant, like the blink of an eye, if used incorrectly. A Bernina 1005's needle is as sharp as the tip of a knife. A precaution that you can be aware of is to make sure your hands are a good 1 centimetre away from the needle while sewing at high speeds or even low speeds.
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National Sewing Machine Day

Saturday, June 13th, 12am-11:45pm


Celebrated annually on the 13th of June, this day celebrates the day the sewing machine was made. A skilled cabinet maker and English inventor named, Thomas Saint, achieved the first sewing machine patent in 1790. At first, the sewing machine was meant to be used to sew leather and canvas. the sewing machine was never advertised and had no evidence that it existed other than Thomas Saint's drawings and sketches of the machinery.
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A sewing machine needle as sharp as this can really give you blood loss and a gaping hole in your finger.