Scandanivian mts.

by:Garret Wenninger


  • Scandlenivia runs up the west side of Norway, and in the north it runs up the mountainous border between the Norway and Sweden.


  • The size is 6,600 ft of Norway and Sweeden,Finland at 1,324 m or 4,344 ft

Physical features

  • Scandanivia's physical features are that it has primary and secondary ice glacers.
  • The vegetation in scandanivia has gone down due to humans
  • Foods and vegetation on scandanivia are more so like

Human characteristics

  • tunnles in the side ofe the mountain.
  • there language is swedish
  • We made the decrease of vegetation

Natural resources

  • Scandanivia has a few lakes such as Fjord lake, lake Vanern, and lake Hjalmaren
  • Montane Birch forest, Coastal Conifer forest and that is some of Scandanivian's forests.


  • The connection between the human and physical geography features are that, there is not as much human made features as there are physical features because of the cold climate. Also because of cold wind and snow in the mountains.