This Week at AES

9/28 - 10/2

This Week at a Glance

Monday 9/28

  • $2 or KEA Jean Day (if you have already paid your $2 you can wear jeans on another day)
  • Paragon Deliveries
  • Choir
  • FRC Mother-Son Event

Tuesday 9/29

  • This is the release day for KPREP testing Data we will be discussing this data at our faculty meeting all are welcome to attend
  • Christ Club

Wednesday 9/30

  • District Casual Day 2nd Grade Field Trip to Lincoln Boyhood Park

Thursday 10/1

  • Humana Vitality Screenings

Friday 10/2

  • Harvest Festival – 4:30 – 7:00 See specific information below

Notes for the Week

This Week is a Primary Guidance Week

  • I am excited to announce that Monica Hagan-Phipps, new custodian, will begin working this week. Please show Monica a warm welcome.
  • The Harvest Festival is this Friday. The festival is a great event for our students and families. We will need your help to set-up, run games, and clean-up. If the Harvest Festival is part of your Professional Development, you will be assigned for the designated amount of hours. All teachers please complete this brief survey so I know how you would like to help. Thank you
  • So far in September we have had 3,321 (with 11 classrooms reporting) days of attendance. October will be here on Thursday. Please start preparing your new sheets. There are 17 school days in October. Our School Goal for October is 7,475 days.
  • It is time to start work on your professional growth plan. As grade level teams meet with Caleb this week, please direct any questions about the creation of this plan to him. This link walks you through a presentation on the PGP’s. I have also attached a template for PGP’s to the email. You can access last year’s goal by logging in to CIITS. Please submit your Self-Reflection and PGP by Wednesday, October 7th.
  • Information on the Sessions with Sarah and Barbara can be found here.
  • Please be mindful of your printing. When possible, always print to the copy machine and not actual printers. Printer printing costs 5 times the amount of printing to the copier. Reports of our largest printers can be found here.
  • MAP Testing continues this week.
  • We will have Bouncies on Friday. Each classroom will receive 20-30 minutes on the bouncie. I am currently working on a schedule for the bouncies and will get that to you by Tuesday morning.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Next Week. A possible agenda is attached to the email. If you want to use a different agenda, please send it to Caleb after conferences. Our P/T Conference Agendas serve as evidence for Title I.

Tweets of the Week

Habit 7 Sharpen The Saw

The Importance of Sharpening our Saws

As adults most of us have the innate understanding of when we need to Sharpen our Saws. At times our bodies and minds communicates this need to us and we do not listen. We are often like the gentleman in the woods who "doesn't have time." I'm excited that Fall Break is 2 weeks away. Not because of big plans with my family, but I am excited for you. We have taken on A LOT with the start of the school year (Floor replacement, new schedule, Daily 5, CAFE, New Morning Routines, Engage NY Just to name a few) and we all need time to step back and reflect on these changes. Sharpening our Saws with some rest and relaxation are vital for you to be your best for our students.