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Edition 14 - Week of 12/16/19

Leadership Corner

Mary Baker - K-3 Principal

What a busy week at New Vision Charter School. Thank you to all of our families who came out for the Winter Concerts. The students looked and sounded fantastic. We know that there was much frustration with the logistics and length of the programs. We know that time is a precious thing, especially during the holidays, and I apologize for the inconveniences. We have met and have planned for our Spring Concerts to make sure that those logistical items have been corrected. We will still two nights, however we will stagger the start time to ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy the concert without being crowded.

The campus is a buzz with learning, joy, and laughter. Students are working hard and pushing themselves to do better each day. It is amazing as we finish the middle of the year iready testing, to see the growth that our students are making. What a fun time of year.

Parent Walkthroughs:

I am excited to announce a monthly parent walkthrough, that will involve touring the building, stepping into classrooms, followed by a question and answer time. This is a great time to learn about our school, understand our curriculum and get your questions answered in a smaller setting. If you are interested in being part of one of these meetings, please complete the attached survey. Each walkthrough will be by invitation only.

Coffee with the Principal:

In January, I will be offering two coffee with the principal dates. The 1st one will be on January 15th at 8:00 a.m. This meeting will be for Kindergarten Parents only. Our 2nd Coffee will be January 22 at 8:00 a.m.

Staff Shout-Outs

Our staff is always working so hard and giving 100%. If you see something awesome that you would like to share, please send me a message at I would love to celebrate our incredible staff.

Driveline -

This week we have had students from the 4-8 Campus being picked up at the stop sign at the exit of our driveline. This will not be allowed as it is extremely dangerous not only for the students, but also for our staff. If your child is meeting you at the K-3 Campus from the 4-8 campus, they will need to be picked up in regular driveline. If they are not there when you go through driveline, please make the loop again or park in the South side parking spots and wait, as to not impede the driveline. We continue to ask that you do not park in the parking lot and go to the west doors to pick up your child. This west door is for walkers only.

We are now able to be done most days be 3:40. Please make sure you are in line for Driveline by 3:30. Please review the Driveline guidelines attached here. It is very important that we are all following these expectations. If you do not have a staff tag, you will not be able to park in the parking lot during driveline. The reason behind this is that we have many people who are parking in the parking lot and picking up students as a walker, which backs up our Driveline. Also, please make sure you have a physical tag when picking up your child, both in the driveline and at the walking door.

We have a mission to ensure every student is safe. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support.

Driveline Guidelines

Marian Hejl - 4-8 Principal

We had an exciting week on campus this week. From our Winter Concerts to the hosting our first championship game there were many unforgettable memories made this week in our building! We understand how busy this time of year is for families and want to thank you for taking the time to come out and support our students at the many events that took place this week!

It was wonderful to be at our first middle school dance and see the joy and excitement that was bussing through the commons. It never ceases to amaze me how polite, caring, and responsible our students are at school dances. A special thank you to the teachers who volunteered their time to chaperone the dance and to the parents who brought snacks and drinks for our students to enjoy.

Congratulations to our boys basketball team for bringing home the Northern Colorado Independent League Championship! Great job at setting a high standard for the teams who follow you. I was so proud of the grit, sportsmanship, and teamwork our athletes showed tonight. Thank you to the fans who filled the stands, your support was much appreciated! A special thank you to Coach Graybill and Coach Byloo for an amazing season and to Todd Bissell for organizing all of the games and officials this season!

Coffee with the Principal:

Please join Mrs. Hejl January 8th from 2:30-3:15 pm for coffee with the principal. This is a wonderful way to have the opportunity for a more intimate settings to discuss successes and offer suggestions.

Staff Shout-Outs

Our staff is always working so hard and giving 100%. If you see something awesome that you would like to share, please send me a message at I would love to celebrate our incredible staff.


Parents, AT NO TIME SHOULD STUDENTS EXIT THE DRIVERS SIDE OF YOUR VEHICLE. This is a big safety issue and if we have a car moving in the outer lane it could result in an accident. Please help us keep everyone safe and have your student slide, crawl, or climb over to the passenger side of the vehicle to exit your vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Mrs. Hejl at

Clear Water Bottles

Parents, it has been a long standing expectation at NVCS that students bring clear water bottles and beverage containers to school with them. This helps with ensuring we are not cleaning up spills throughout the day, having curdled milk items in lockers, etc. during the school day. Students are expected to have water only throughout the day while they are in class (bell to bell). Students can enjoy beverages other than water (Gatorade, juice, etc) during their lunch period.

Thank you for helping us keep our schools safe and clean.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Mrs. Hejl at

Todd Bissell - Assistant Principal and Athletics/Activities Director

Nighthawks Win Championship 40-39

The New Vision Nighthawks boys basketball team finished their season by going 12-1 and winning the NCIL Gold Bracket tourney in an exciting come from behind victory over Loveland Classical. Both teams played extremely well. Congrats to Aiden H, Adain L, Ryland, Zeke, Josiah, Jaden, Jose, Trent, Uriah, Ethan, Tyler, Coach Graybill and Coach Byloo

Girls basketball begins January 6th. Packets were due 12/11.

Every grade had a musical program this past week. They were very well attended and the students did a great job. Thanks to Mrs. Davis and Ms. Sailors.

Officer Dee Jalali


Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a rise of bullying issues at both campuses at New Vision. According to, more than 1 of every 5 students report being bullied (National Center for Educational Statistics). It's a growing problem and unfortunately, our school is not sheltered from it. Here are some questions and answers regarding bullying:

What is bullying?

Intentional behavior which is typically repeated, that hurts, haunts, or humiliates another, either physically, or emotionally and can happen while in school, the community, or online. Those bullying often have more social or physical “power”, while those targeted, have difficulty stopping the behavior. (

Is bullying criminal?

Bullying it itself is not a crime. However, it can turn into harassment (which is a crime) if any of the following elements exit:

  • Striking, shoving, or kicking someone

  • Directing obscene language or gestures at someone

  • Repeating insulting, taunting, or challenging someone using offensive language

  • Threatening bodily injury or property damage

  • Stalking someone

  • Calling/texting/communicating online with someone repeatedly after being told to stop

  • Calling/texting/communicating online with someone at inconvenient hours

In order for someone to be charged with harassment, these acts must be done with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another.

What kind of behavior is NOT criminal?

  • Having a disagreement with someone about something

  • Calling someone names

  • Excluding others

  • Accidentally bumping into someone

  • Disliking someone

Who enforces bullying?

The school will address bullying on their side if needed. The SRO will not be involved in any bullying incidents unless they are also criminal in nature.

Does the SRO have any involvement with bullying then?

Yes. In one of the DFI courses I teach about relationships, the students are also taught about bullying and when it could turn criminal. This course is taught to 6-8 graders but I also speak to other grades about it when warranted.

Could my child be charged with harassment or another crime?

The minimum age to be charged with a crime is age 10. So the short answer is yes, your child could be charged. Will they be charged? Every situation is different and it depends on the circumstances. Regardless, I have to be fair and impartial. That means I don’t have favorites and no one is excused from being charged if they commit a crime.

What do I do if my child is being bullied at school?

Address it with your school principal or counselor. If you believe it’s criminal, you may also contact me. I would not recommend addressing other students personally as it can create more conflict.

What if my child is being harassed outside of school?

If you believe it’s more than bullying and to the level or harassment, you can call the Loveland Police non emergency number and report it to any patrol officer (970-667-2151). However, if it doesn’t fit the statute of harassment, be aware there’s not a lot that law enforcement can do.

If you’ve read thus far, I appreciate it! As always, please feel welcome to come to me with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!


Have you heard of KidsPak?

KidsPak is a weekend hunger relief program run by Loveland Rotary for children and families in the Thompson School District community. KidsPak currently serves 39 schools, including New Vision. NVCS partners with KidsPak by identifying students and families that would benefit from receiving extra food for the weekends. KidsPak partners with Larimer County Food Bank to create a special menu each week, so the food varies. The food packs are delivered to NVCS on Friday and given to students in a colored drawstring bag to take home for the weekend. All we ask is that the drawstring bag be returned on Monday to use again for the next week.

If your student and family is in need and could benefit from this service please reach out to the school counselor! Those receiving services is kept confidential. The K-3 counselor is Ali Anderson: email, or phone 970-593-6827 ex. 2115, and the 4-8 counselor is Erin Jobman: email, phone 970-593-6827 ex. 1207 *only one counselor needs to be contacted even if you have students at both buildings.


November has come and gone and the high schools held informational nights to get you started thinking about high school. Here are a few reminders for you.

Parents: A survey went out via Survey Monkey asking about your high school choice. If you have not completed it, please do so or email Mrs. Jobman know your high school choice by the end of December.

The open enrollment window is open until Jan 10. You will find the form online at . You will need to fill this out if you are attending a school outside of your school boundary. If you are attending a school outside of Thompson School District, you do not need to do this, but you will need to let your neighborhood school's Registrar know that you won't be attending your assigned TSD school. If you're not sure about your neighborhood school, the school locator will help you. Please note there has been a change in some of the boundaries for 2020-2021: .

Dec. 10: STEM Applications due to BHS.
Dec. 11: LHS visits NVCS to talk about IB Programme with interested students during the school day.

Dec. 21: AVID and AP Capstone applications due to TVHS.
Jan. 10: LISA Applications due to MVHS.
Jan. 10: Last day to apply for open enrollment.

Jan. 2020: Your child's teachers will be recommending high school classes for them in the areas of English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Spanish (if they choose to continue in Spanish). Please speak to Mrs. Jobman or your child's teacher if you have questions.

Mar. 20: Open Enrollment letters of acceptance/denial will be mailed to families.

Apr. 1: Acceptance signatures for open enrollment due to high schools.

REGISTRATION MEETINGS* (Students and a parent should attend)
Jan 16: Registration night at MVHS, 6pm
Jan 23: Registration night at TVHS, 6pm
Jan 28: Registration night at BHS, 6pm
Jan 29: Registration night at LHS- time TBD by last name (evening)
LCS: Please contact Loveland Classical for their registration process.

*Attendance at these meetings is very important. You will receive your registration packet and receive instructions for the online registration. Tip for easier access: Students and parents must know how to log onto their Student Portal/Parent Portal (Infinite Campus) to complete registration. If you do not know how to do this, contact for your login information.

Please go online with your child and look at the online coursebook for 2020-2021:
Here you can see what is offered at each school, look at graduation requirements, and start deciding what classes you might like to take.


I will be working with students over the next couple of months and walking them through how to get registered. Please contact me with questions.

Erin Jobman,, (970)593-6827 x1207

CAYAC - Child Adolescent, and Young Adult Connection

1302 S. Shields St., A1-3

Fort Collins, CO 80521


Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Connections offers answers, options, and support to individuals and families looking for help with mental health or substance use concerns, such as depression, anxiety, and drug or alcohol use. Services include needs assessment, information and referral, assistance with coordinating and navigating care, brief intervention, connection to reduced-cost counseling, education and training.

CAYAC (Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Connections) is a service of Connections that helps young people (up to age 24) and their families with the early identification, assessment/testing, and treatment of mental health and substance use concerns. It also works closely with schools through a school liaison.

Pets at School

We would like to ask that we do not bring animals into our campus. If there is a special show and tell day, or pet day, then they would be welcomed, otherwise we would kindly ask that pets, are not brought to the campus.

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 16-

  • School Accountability Committee Meeting - 4:00 - 5:00 - 4-8 Campus
  • School Board Meeting -

Wednesday, December 18-

  • The Worlds a Stage Performance - 6:30 P.M. - Harrington Arts Alliance

Friday, December 20

  • End of 2nd Quarter

Monday, December 23 - January 3

  • Winter Break - Have a wonderful holiday season wit your family and friends.

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