Miss Foyle's Classroom Updates

Room 322 - December 5, 2014

Important Announcements

This week's ADVENT WORD is WATCH - we are watching and waiting for Jesus through our interactions with one another...

The feast of the Immaculate Conception (when we celebrate Mary being conceived by her parents, Ann & Joachim, without sin) is a holy day of obligation for Catholics. A parish Mass at St. Joseph's Church will be held Monday, December 8th, at 8 a.m. All Hill Street students will be attending. Please join us for our school's namesake feast!

7th & 8th grade students will participate in a short retreat and Reconciliation service during school on Tuesday, December 9th. Please keep them in your prayers as they further prepare their hearts for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. 6th grade's retreat will be on December 16th in the afternoon.

8th grade service opportunities have been sent home as they become available. Please speak with your child about his/her plans for service. Email Miss Foyle (kfoyle@icsnorthpark.com) with any questions or concerns.

What We've Been Up to in 322...

6th Grade Language Arts

Reading/Book Clubs: The heroes keep moving forward, conquering one challenge after another. Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are coming to their conclusions, and students reading Hobbit are about halfway through. Next week there will be a reading quiz to check for student comprehension through written responses.

Writing: Students differentiated among the three types/purposes of writing: narrative, informative, and argumentative. In conjunction with Book Club, students have started crafting narrative paragraphs within the context of their novels...but with a twist! They have written paragraphs from another character's perspective (while staying true to the story). All of them will be up soon, and you can see your child's work at icsjheroes.blogspot.com.

Grammar: Your vs. you're & their vs. they're vs. there - How can we possibly keep these all straight?! Have no fear - students have learned a few tricks of the trade to use the various words correctly in their own writing. They're going to be just fine!

Word Study: Students reviewed the first set of common suffixes and prefixes before taking their quiz on Thursday. Next week, students will continue to explore additional suffixes and prefixes (in addition to reviewing this past week's), which will allow them to better determine new word meanings as they come across them in their independent reading.

Genius Hour: Students have continued to shine during their Genius Hour presentations. This week we heard about the science of paper airplaine-folding, how to run a mile, and others!

7th Grade Religion

Students explored the Advent season in-depth on Monday and Tuesday. They watched videos and read articles that explained the symbolism and customs through hand-drawn brochures and small posters. On Thursday and Friday, students worked in small groups to dramatize the first chapters of St. Luke's Gospel, some of which focus on the Christmas narrative. They performed/presented their respective chapters on Friday for the rest of their class. With the remaining time, students reviewed the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (when Mary was conceived without sin by her parents, Ann & Joachim).

Next week, students will receive a review sheet to prepare for a short quiz about Advent. They will also share their Jewish cultural projects and continue to reflect on the meaning of the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

8th Grade Religion

The students have worked hard these past few weeks learning and discussing the past 2,000 of Church history. On Monday and Tuesday, students explored the Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther) and the Counter-Reformation. They continued to see how the Church (and political figures) dealt with heretics and how the Church maintained its following even during tough times. On Thursday, students worked in teams to prepare brief reviews of each assigned Church era. Finally, on Friday students took their unit test. They also started making Advent cards for students at St. Ann's school in Pilsen. (We will be working to form a partnership between the 8th grades at both schools in both Language Arts and Religion classes.)

Next week, students will learn a little bit about Vatican II and the Church in today's modern world. They will also spend time learning about Advent.