The shoes they walked in

Wooden clogs

History on wooden clogs

These shows were made back in the early 1200s as shoes for working conditions. They working conditions were muddy fields,and factories. Clogs were organated in the Netherlands. They were also warn during the UK in the industrial revolution as well as France, Spain, and Italy.
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a day in the life of a Jew

Dear Dairy,

May 19th 1941, I've been here for 3 weeks and I haven't eaten at all. They don't feed us they barley lets us sleep and they make us watch our loved ones die. They treat us like animals, but I think it's the other way around. How could someone beat an innocent person to the ground and watch an innocent person burn. All because we believe in something.

May 20th 1941, today they finally gave us food, some people were to weak to even pick up the fork. They only gave us 10mins to eat and get back to work. We are forced to build a new cabin so they could bring more Jews to suffer.

My Passion Connection

I chose this show because I love doing projects on the holocost. When I found out that we were doing a shoe project I knew I that this would be a perfect project for the holocost. I actually found out some new intresting stuff like what the Jews wore as shoes and other things.