The Secrets to Mastering Cornhole

A guide to learn how to play the best outdoor family game

Have You Ever Wondered....

How do you impress your friends in cornhole?

How do you beat your friends in cornhole?

How do you become the all time champ in cornhole?

Fun, Fun, FUN!

Cornhole is a great way to enjoy family time! It is a simple yard game that becomes addicting fast. It involves small bean bags filled with corn kernels and two boards with a hole in the middle. The two boards are set about thirty feet apart and then the game can begin!

Each person has three chances to throw the bean bag into the board's hole while standing next to their opponent's board.If the bag misses the board, no points are scored. If the bag lands on the board, then they get one point per bag. If the bag lands in the hole, making "cornhole," then the person receives three points. First person to 21 wins!


1. Be Confident! When you step into the game, act like you know what you are doing, even if you have no clue what is happening.

2. Get Comfy! Pick a stance that makes you comfortable. Most people take a step forward with the opposite foot they as the hand they are throwing with.

3. Relax! This is huge. Envision the bag going into the hole, but do not overthink it.

4. Toss! When it comes to throwing the bag, concentrate on its arc. This takes time, so do not become frustrated.

5. Enjoy! No matter what happens, do not be a sore loser. Enjoy your time with your friends!

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