"School Counseling 101"

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"School Counseling 101"

Monday, Dec. 14th, 3:30pm


Please join us for a 4-1-1 with school counselors this afternoon for our Professional Development Chat! Below are the list of questions will be discussing! We hope to see you there!

1. School counselors often work behind the scenes and their roles are sometimes misunderstood. How can your school counselor educate your stakeholders about their role?

2. What are some characteristics of an effective school counselor? How are those characteristics evident in your school?

3. What is the school counselor’s role in the parent-school connection?

4. How can school counselors support teachers with classroom management or behavior intervention?

5. What role does a school counselor play in promoting diversity and creating a positive school climate and culture?

6. What are some of the academic, personal/social, career development needs in your school and how can your school counselor support these needs?

7. School counselors play a vital role in bully prevention and intervention. What programs are in place at your school?

8. Regular character education is a state mandate. How does your school incorporate character words or character development into your school routine?

9. How do you foster a positive relationship with your school counselor? Why is this relationship important to you and your school?

10. Mandatory reporting of child abuse/neglect is required of all educators. How can your school counselor support you in the reporting of child abuse/neglect?

11. How can we protect classroom instruction time while incorporating essential classroom guidance instruction? What are some lessons/topics you’d like to see in your school counseling program?