Traxxas Cars

By Gabriel K

Do you like fast cars if you do how you like to drive one just smaller without getting in a car crash.

I would like to tell you about Traxxas cars specifically chargeable,gas,and body & tires.

If you would read this maybe you will like it.

Chargeable Traxxas Cars

Chargeable Traxxas cars go fast the fastest chargeable one does 100 mph.They are super fun to have they can go threw water but you have to put the battery in a balloon.
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Gas Traxxas cars

Gas Traxxas cars are amazingly fast.They can reach up to 200 mph.They are cool and fun.They can drive threw water.
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Body and the tires are cool the body has different designs and colors.The tires are cool because they have different colors and types of tires like snow and dirt tires.
A lot of people who own a Traxxas car love it I love it to.People think they are very cool and fun.People really like then

M in summer because you can drive in the grass and mud.