March Madness In Central School

Get Your Game on by: Frank, Nate, and Owen


Let's get the boring stuff over with and talk about some math. We all know that math is not fun what-so-ever at any point in time. But 4H has been learning math AND been having fun doing it. Here's some awesome things we have been have been learning/ doing: %, game day, decimals, fractions, adding and subtracting decimals fractions and %.

Revolutionary War. (writing)

Rev. War (writing)

In Miss Hood's class, we have been learning about the Rev. war in writing. So far we have not started our essay but we have gathered a lot of facts about it. This is our last writing unit of 4th grade.

Central School is Fudge-Tastic

Central Schools teachers Mrs. Simkus and Mrs. Miller got covered in fudge at our latest community meeting. 11 lucky students got to go up on stage and cover them in fudge an ice cream. Our entire school read 50,000 min to get this reward.

Robots in central school

In Central School we had robots driving around! They are called spheros and they are shaped as spheres. They can do all kinds of tricks like flips and sometimes they can even go up stairs!