Laws are for the people, not guns

The laws are for the people, not the guns.

"Guns don't kill, people do"

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people", a popular slogan usually used amongst the community against more gun laws. I am all for more gun control, however I am also for this slogan. The laws themselves are made to protect , and decrease the gun violence rate, not to punish those who use their guns responsibly. Since we lack the gun control laws we need to possibly have a safer community and lifestyle we've lost about 32,000 Americans each year, says The New York Times, Everitt.

Banning won't be effective

Although I am on the gun control side, cheating the citizens who've done no wrong with their guns will eventually lead to a rebellion, you see what happened with the New York City Draft Riots, or more recently the #BlackLivesMatter riots. Both communities felt cheated which sparked a rebellion leading to protests, some of which got out of hand. Handgun owners/users alone kill thousands of people each year from accidental shootings, to robberies gone wrong to homicides and suicides says a student of Ledyard High School. Another student at Ledyard High School felt that banning guns would "infringe" on the right to bare arms because there is a lack of evidence saying that the Founding Father's meant no handguns, however there is no evidence that they DIDN'T mean handguns either. The amendment excludes specifics as to what they meant which leaves us to decode and make sense of it ourselves and accept and follow the set laws that those in charge select to put in motion. They have the last word so what they set will more than likely be for safety reasons. With that being said putting stricter laws on gun owners shouldn't have any effect on those who are responsible with their firearms, it should only have an effect on criminal or the owners with negative intentions. Even though I don't agree that the laws would violate the Amendment, I do believe that the Founding Father's weren't thinking about the Amendment being so misunderstood or that people would try to abuse the Amendment to such a high degree. Gun control in other states and Canada. By tightening up gun control the crime rate as well as death rate in Vancouver has decreased by 30% says Robert O'Donnell. That can be all states if we'd put the tighter gun laws in place. Tightening up gun laws can lead to less school shooting tragedies, random homicides as well as suicides. Not to imply that they will end all crime and death rates, but we have to start somewhere right?

Banning won't decrease crime rates.