Kate Doman

Dating Profile

Requirements and Deal Breakers

  1. Must be funny
  2. Must be nice
  3. Must enjoy doing the things I like to do
  4. Must be environmentally conscious
  5. Must be supportive and respectful

Deal Breakers

  1. If you are homophobic, racist, or rude in any other way
  2. If you are really clingy
  3. If you're annoying
  4. If you are conceited
  5. If you chew with you have poor manners

The Dream Date

Here is how it should go:

We should go on a pretty hard but not too rigorous (because being out of breath and out of shape would be so embarrassing) hike. A trail I would want to go on would probably be one in Umstead or if we're somewhere cooler like the Appalachian Trail or something like that. We should also do this in like October or November so we don't get really sweaty because that would be gross and uncomfortable. After we go on our hike, we could go get breakfast at some cute cafe. Then because it's just the beginning of the day we can do whatever we want. We could go see a movie or play ping-pong or go on another hike or something.

My Philosophy

We're all alive for some unknown reason so you might as well have fun and do what you want. We're also going to be alive for a while so you might as well find someone that makes you happy to spend your time with.

Famous Philosophy

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.” Lao Tzu