Environmental Sustainability by Benjamin Vo

Company Info

  • Produces athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories
  • Founded in 1924

Sustainability Goals

  • improve environmental footprint
  • save energy and reduce carbon emissions
  • save water
  • reduce use of non-renewable resources, using more environmentally friendly materials
  • reduce waste
  • reduce toxicity

Sustainability Efforts

  • People: impact lives of people in the community
  • Product: find better ways to create product
  • Planet: reduce environmental footprint
  • Partnership: collaborate with partners to improve industry
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The adidas Group's approach to sustainability


  • 30% sustainable cotton used in all products
  • 90% of products are PFC-free
  • DryDye uses 50% fewer chemicals and 50% less energy than the traditional fabric dyeing
  • 25 liters of water saved making each shirt
  • Saved 100 million liters of water from 2012-2014
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Environmental Concerns

  • DryDye: a new technology which eliminates the need for water in the dyeing process, which also reducing the use of chemicals
  • NoDye: materials used in natural color
  • Element Voyager shoe: made with environmentally friendly materials
adidas DryDye | Every Drop Counts - The Revolution Continues

Cool Facts

  • 2007: B.A.U.M. Environmental Award
  • 2009: Best rating by European consumer organisations
  • 2015: ranks 3rd among the "Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World"