CES 4th Grade

October News 2018

Welcome to 4th Grade!

The school year is off to a great start and 4th-graders are settling into routines. It was great to be able to meet with many of you during Back to School Night! We want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement of your children. We are impressed by their hard work and perseverance so far in 4th grade. Keep up the good work!

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4th Grade Teachers

Sandy Cafarelli, sandra.cafarelli@fcps.org

Melissa Chapman, melissa.chapman@fcps.org

Dreda Kelley, dreda.kelley@fcps.org

Jill Maenner, jill.maenner@fcps.org

Cris Pack, cristina.pack@fcps.org

Caitlin Roy, caitlin.roy@fcps.org

Megan Baum

Sub: Shannon Eagen



Fourth graders are expected to complete up to forty-five minutes of homework each night.

Each night students should:

  • Read for 30 minutes

  • Review math skills (TenMarks)

  • Practice math facts


Some 4th grade classrooms are in need of the following supplies:

  • Tissues

  • Disinfectant Wipes

  • “Magic Erasers”

Please check with your child’s teacher if you can help out with donations. Thank you!

Reading News

We will begin to explore more extended literary texts, such as longer stories and novels, to delve deeper into analyzing elements of a story (such as character, setting, and theme.)

Students will always be asked to prove their point by citing text evidence.

When reading at home, ask your child to share what they notice and wonder about characters, plot, setting, problem, craft (how the author wrote).

Math News

We have just finished our place value unit and we are moving on to multi-digit multiplication and division.

In this unit, students will…

  • Find factor pairs and multiples.
  • Determine whether a number is prime or composite.
  • Generate a number or shape pattern that follows a given rule.
  • Distinguish between additive and multiplicative comparison situations.
  • Multiply a four-digit number by a one digit number using strategies based on place value properties.
  • Divide a three-digit number by a one digit number.

Knowledge of basic facts will be very important as we progress through these standards.

** Students should be engaging in basic facts practice daily! **

Science & Social Studies News

We will be wrapping up our life science unit, “Structures and Functions of Organisms”. Ask your child to share what we have learned about how the human “machine” works!

Next up is our first social studies unit, “Native American Culture in Early Maryland”, where we will explore…

  • How do we learn about the past?

  • What is culture?

  • Who were the first people to live in Maryland?

  • How did the native Americans use their natural resources for survival?

  • How can we resolve conflict?

  • How did the geographic characteristics of Maryland impact Native American culture?

  • What were the cultural similarities and differences of Maryland’s Native American societies?

Writing News

Utilizing a variety of writing resources, students will be guided through the process of narrative writing. Teachers provide daily instruction on specific strategies and tools necessary to write fluently in the narrative genre. We are currently focusing on the ideas that stories follow an “arc” and writers show, not tell their stories.

Students are given time to practice and reflect upon what they have learned daily.

Teachers will be looking for students to independently apply their new learning.

October Calendar

5 - Midterm: 2-hour Early Dismissal

12 - Annapolis Permission Slips Due

26 - Annapolis Field Trip

30 - Fall Party