Beech Class

Week of January 25

It was a fun and snow-filled week in the Beech Class! Here are some highlights:

  • On Monday, we played outside in the snow with the Gingko Class.
  • On Tuesday, we had a special guest. Rasha's son Jib came in for the day!
  • On Wednesday, we officially transitioned from rest to quiet time. After lunch, students can now read, draw, play with play dough, or rest.
  • On Thursday, we watched a video that Sasha and his family made while they were away in Cuba, and we made popcorn!
  • On Friday, Jagger shared pictures and a kimono from her trip to Japan!


Rasha and Madeleine

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In exploration this week, students worked in block building, Magnatile and Lego construction, tube construction, small worlds, photography, hollow blocks, dramatic play, and art.

The students in blocks and small worlds built homes for our puppet families.

Inspired by their work at the Museum of Modern Art, students requested wood glue and wood cut-outs for the art center.
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Students in hollow blocks discovered new uses for the blocks--skateboarding and snowboarding!
Exploration Skateboarding

*Keep keeping an eye out for a virtual photo gallery! We forgot the cameras at school this weekend.

Family Study

We are now in our third week of the family study. This week, we played a new game called "Huggie Family." The teacher calls out a number between one and six. Students then move into groups of that number and create a family. We made a lot of different types of families (see list below)!
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We read three new books about families.
We also made family puppets, which we are now using in blocks and small worlds.
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Students continue to plan and write 3-page, personal narratives. This week, students practiced rereading their writing on one page before moving to the next. The class also made a checklist to help us remember what we need to do before moving a story to the "red" (or finished) side of our writing folders. The checklist is now posted near the sight word wall.

At home: Keep asking students to tell you stories about their day and important events in their lives.


Students went book shopping early in the week. Then they practiced independent and partner reading with those books. While the class read, some students met one-on-one with teachers to practice sight words and talk about reading strategies.

At home: Keep practicing sight words with the cards in students' book baggies. When children recognize words "in a snap," it helps them to read with greater fluency and focus more energy on figuring out tricky words they encounter. Children should also be reading each night. Please make sure book baggies come back to school every day!


We are coming toward the end of our pattern unit. This week we focused on making patterns with our bodies and then naming them. Students shared AB, AABB, ABBC, and AAB patterns with the class. We also practiced building pattern "subways" and breaking off individual "cars." This activity helps students to recognize the repeating unit in a pattern.

At home: Keep making and naming patterns. Use claps, snaps, taps, and other sounds/movements.

Word Study

This week we introduced the sound and motion for H.

At home: Ask your child to share some of the letter sounds and motions that we already learned. Here is the list: T, C, D, G, S, F, M, J, and H.

COMING UP!...and reminders

  • Studio Sara returns on Monday! She was scheduled to start a new art unit last Monday, but the snow kept her away.

  • Please remember to send in clothing that matches the weather. With the snow, we recommend boots, snow pants, hats, and mittens.
  • Please also make sure your child has an extra set of clothing, just in case they get wet during the day.

A clip from Morning Meeting this week

Hello, Neighbor