Hrithik Roshan

By: Kelly Dixon

About Hrithik Roshan

39 year old Hrithik Roshan was born January 10, 1974 in Mumbai, India. His parents are named Pinky and Rakesh Roshan. Rakesh is a movie director and producer in Bollywood. Hrithik's nickname is Duggu. As a child, he was very shy until he got into acting. He grew up always doing something that related to movies. Whether it was helping his dad with his job, or staring in one. Because he watched his dad be successful in the movie business, his dad was his idol growing up. The reason why he became an actor was because he wanted to follow his dads footsteps in the acting career.
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Getting Into Acting

Hrithik acting at a young age. He starred in the movie Bhagwan Dada. He also danced in films. After he graduated High School, He went to Sydneham College and earned a Bachelors degree in B'Comm. But his parents wanted him to go to grad school but instead he did what he wanted because he had other plans he wanted to do. In college, he took an acting class without his parents knowing until a few months after he began attending the class. He took this class to show his parents that he could reach his goals and show his talent to not just his family and friends, but soon to the whole world.

Being Successful

Hrithik helped his father with production in one of his movies called Koyla and Karan-Arjun and helped scripted of Kaho Naapyaar Hai, but he didnt know that his father was going to give him the lead role when they finished the script. After the movie was released and many eyes laid on Hrithik, he became a famous world wide bollywood star. He was put at the top of the list called 'actors to sign for upcoming film.' This led him to be asked to be in movies so much that it was overwhelming. So, he had to reject some people to be in their movies in order to star in others. However, not every movie was successful. Hrithik starred in terrible films that were labeled poor scripting and bad plot. These remarks gave him a reason to work harder and prove himself. Koi Mil Gaya was the movie were he proved himself to his fans, the critics, but also to his movie brotherhood. Through the years of being a very successful Bollywood film actor, he is said to be one of the besr actors in the business. People fell in love with Hrithik. They reffered to him as a toxic drug, they just can't get enough.
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Koi Mil Gaya was the Bollywood Film where Hrithik Roshan proved himself to the world as an actor.

Did You Know??

When Hrithik was little, he dealt with speech disorder. Also, Hrithik is married. On December 20, 2000 he took a few days off from acting and married a woman named to Susanne at her fathers resort called Golden Palms Resort in Bangladore.