The scientific discovery that will help us not run out of Fresh Water is Desalination.The most popular methods used in desalination are multi stage flash distillation. It uses heat so the sea/ocean water can turn into gas by evaporating and leave the salt behind.

Materials etc

To build a desalination plant or factory the cost to build it is very high, like a lot of money that will take a while to make and get all the equipment to make it. The Carlsbad desalination plant alone is a $922 million dollar investment. To desalinate sea/ocean water it will take a while because they will need to heat up the furnace or whatever they use to heat it, and they will have to wait for all the water to evaporate.

Positive and negative effects of desalination


Interesting Facts

To Save the Dead Sea, Red Dead Sea conveyor would convoy sea water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea to save it so in the future it would disappear and no water would be there but if they do it than it will still be there