Panther Updates

February 8-12

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. Every Learner- Every Day

Week at a Glance

Monday 8th - Happy Challenge Day 25 - Drinking water helps energize your muscles, keeps your kidneys healthy, and keeps you looking great! Keep a water bottle nearby in yourclassroom and try to drink 2L of water a day.

Tuesday 9th - Innovation Team Meeting 8 a.m., Staff Meeting 4 p.m. (Sartin's room)

Happy Challenge Day 26 - Think about the top 5 things that you love about teaching. Write them down and have them somewhere as a reminder when teaching is stressful.

Wednesday 10th -Ciprian, Akers, Sartin, Naegele, Meyer, Atkins, at Numeracy Progressions Training Out All Day (subs coded as PF TTL 1). Holt out ALL Day (Principals Meeting)

Happy Challenge Day 27 - Do something nice for a colleague. Bring them coffee, put a treat in their mailbox, or do something else that is thoughtful.

Thursday 11th - Ciprian, Akers, Sartin, Naegele, Meyer, Atkins, at Numeracy Progressions Training Out All Day (subs coded as TTL 1).

Happy Challenge Day 28 - Are you having an issue in your classroom? Don't try to deal with it on your own. Talk to a colleague that you respect to ask their advice on how to deal.

Friday 12th-Valentines Parties 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Happy Challenge Day 29 - Try using an exit pass at the end of a lesson to see what your students have learned. Download this free exit pass here.

Rick's Ruminations

From Love & Logic: Taming the Defiant Child

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from Love & Logic: Taming the Defiant Child

Schlueter's Station

Staff Device USB Mouse Order

If you haven't had a chance to sign up for a new USB wireless or wired mouse for you staff device, please do so before Tuesday, February 9th. Click on the link below and add your name to the Google Doc. You can also specify your preference for a wired or wireless mouse.

Click here to add your name.

Ponder's Possibilities

Below is a chart of reading strategies you may want to use with your guided reading groups.

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Nurse Rachel's Notes


Call 888-8888 ASAP to schedule your Health Risk Assessment that will be at Portland on Feb. 25th from 6:45 am- 8:15 a.m.


Our first week of fitness class was a SUCCESS! A HUGE thanks to Lydia for sharing her knowledge and experience as a personal trainer and creating challenging workouts for us. She is a great encourager and motivator. We have 8 participants at this time-Mr. Holt, Mr. Greiner, Mrs. Schlueter, Mrs. Winchell, Ms. Moody, Mrs. Eaton, Mrs. Meyer and myself.

2nd and 3rd Grade Music Performance is being rescheduled

3rd, 4th, and 5th Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) Night Feb. 25th from 5pm-6pm

4th and 5th Grade Music Performance- March 3rd @ 6pm

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Valentine's Day Parties Friday, February 12th from 2:30pm-3:30pm

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ChromeBook Checkout

If ChromeBooks do not come back (are forgotten) or come back uncharged the student may not take the ChromeBook home for one week.

LEXIA Usage Goal Window of Fame

When your students reach their weekly Lexia reading goals please send them to the office with a buddy (for supervision). Students will get to sign their name to the window of the interior doors with an expo worker. (We will clean the windows weekly)

Upload Your Classroom Photos Please

I have shared a link via Google and in the link below. Any time you take photos of your class please upload them below when you have a chance. We will use all of these photos to upload and share on our hallway tvs, at Panther Pride Assemblies, on Portland's facebook, and for our year book.

The link to our Portland Photos is below.
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