Solving World Hunger


“I’m starving” is a common phrase spoken by children in the USA and in Canada. However, people residing in USA and Canada should be some of the last people to complain. In 2010, North America wasted over 130 billion pounds of food. North America complains about having people that are starving but that is not even close to what people in the poorer regions of the world suffer every day. About 100 people in America die each year, while in other countries the death count is skyrocketing. Next time you feel hungry and start to complain, think about how blessed you are to have food.

Having an active life is important but in order to be healthy, you need food. Well, 1 in 9 people don’t have enough food to lead a healthy life. Asia has the highest amount of the population that is malnourished, over 2.5 billion people. 8500 die each day from chronic hunger which is 1 child dying every 5 seconds. If women farmers had the same resources as men farmers do, the number of starving people could be reduced up to 150 million.

There are several organizations that are trying to combat hunger. Some of them are The Hunger Project, Action Against Hunger, and Stop Hunger Now. The Hunger Project works in 22 countries and has three main ideas to help stop hunger: empowering women as key change agents, mobilizing communities into a self relying community, and fostering partners with the local government. Action Againt Hunger works in more than 45 countries and has over 5,000 field staff helping over 9 million people each year. Stop Hunger Now works in 65 countries and send the meals that they prepare to organizations that promote education. To learn more about the organizations click on the links below.