The Frog and The Hare.

By: Sydney Gilman hour 7

One day a frog named Abby was hopping along a path, and then a hare named Cece started hopping next to her. "That's a nice necklace you have Abby" said Cece. "Well thank you, my grandmother gave it to me" said Abby.
The next day, Cece asked if she could come over for awhile, noticing she didn't have the necklace on. Abby said "Of course." and they hopped to Abby's house.
When they got there Abby said "you can go to my room while i find a snack." So Cece went to her room, and started frantically looking for the necklace, wondering how much money it was worth. Then she opened a cabinet, and there it was, the necklace, she picked it up and just then Abby came in, and Cece put the necklace in her pocket. Abby asked "What were you doing?" "um... I just remembered I have to do something." Not noticing, Cece hopped out so fast, the necklace flew out of her pocket! Abby picked it up and said "Well she's not coming over again."
Moral- Don't be greedy.