06/09/21 Academic Affairs Brief

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This Brief Includes:

  • Employee Summer Return To Campus Plans & Protocols
  • Remembering Terrence W Sehr


In case you missed it, please review this update about employee return to campus plans and protocols from last week.


Terrence (Terry) Sehr of South Burlington, Vermont, and previously of Jericho, died unexpectedly on May 29, 2021.

Start with the small things. This was one thing he taught us: do the easy part first. Whenever something hard confronts you and things are difficult, the momentum gained from starting with the simpler things helps push you through solving the big things. This applies to school tests, working a job, and real-life circumstances.

He was a person of many talents who thrived in the digital world as a programmer, a teacher, and an artist. He was introspective and thoughtful about others, and the world around him. He believed that people were innately good, and society had the capacity, but often lacked the will, to fulfill the desire for a just world. He lived that wish in his choice of jobs within his vocations.

His personal accomplishments included raising two amazing children who loved him: Carly of South Burlington and Evan of Campbell, CA. He was their helping hand and their foot hold throughout their lives. His loss for them is a hole that will be filled as they share his memory throughout their lives with each other and others who also loved or admired him, both family and friends. His wife, Kathy, knows how lucky she was to have him all the years of their marriage and before. He was her husband, and her best friend. Their relationship lasted just shy of 50 years.

In addition to his family, Terry’s accomplishments included a Bachelors in Engineering from Cooper Union, a Masters in Computer Science from UVM, and a Masters in Fine Arts from Champlain College. At Champlain he discovered digital art and worked with art groups providing live experiences in a variety of locations within Vermont. In his last few years with us, he made new friends from his evolving art, shared the excitement of discovery with students in area colleges as an adjunct professor, and tutored distance learners of all ages online.

Terry's family will be holding an in-person and remote celebration of life at Champlain College on June 19 from 2:00–5:00 PM EST. To receive an RSVP Google Form please email kathy.sehr@comcast.net.

For questions about the service or if you have any images you would like to share in the slideshow please contact jmikulak@champain.edu.


  • 08/30 - Classes Begin

  • 08/30-09/03 - Add/Drop Period

  • 10/11-10/12 - Fall Holiday

  • 10/25-11/5 - Registration for Spring

  • 11/12 - Last Day to Withdraw from a class

  • 11/24-11/26 - Thanksgiving Break

  • 12/13-12/17 - Finals Week

  • 12/20-1/16 - Winter Break