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May Issue

Message to Parents

Happy May! Can you believe we are less than a month away from graduation and just over a month away from the last day of school? This year has flown by and has been marked with some amazing strides.

This is the time of year when we all start looking back on where we have been and where we are now. There have been some challenges for sure, but through it all we are very proud that we have been able to honor and maintain traditions and practices that represent Tillamook: Relationships continued to be the focus of our district. Students, staff, and parents got things done with hard work and dedication. We didn't give up. Our community continued to surround us. All of those principles are reflected in this month's newsletter; we held a charity drive in a pandemic, we started going on field trips, we made great strides to get closer to "normal," we worked in gardens, we welded, and we hatched babies. It all took hard work, grit, determination, and commitment. In a year when it would have been easy to give up, we kept moving forward. In May we celebrate our teachers. This May we say an extra thank you to our teachers and all TSD9 staff for working so hard to keep traditions alive, and for making so many memories that our students will forever treasure.

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PreSchool Students Digging in Dirt at Wilson School

Prek students got the chance to dig in the Wilson School garden earlier this month. They were able to find worms, learn about how they help gardens, and feed the chickens. Any time outside is a great time in preschool!!

Chicks Make an Entrance at Liberty!

Kindergarten is such a memorable year, and this year is no different! Right now, as part of learning about life cycles, and the needs of plants and animals, we are hatching chicks in every Kindergarten classroom. Right now, each classroom is full of little voices and little peeps. Check out the excitement on these little Leopard’s faces!
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Getting Out and About at South Prairie

Our first weeks back to full-time, on-site school have been a huge success. There have been several moments of feeling “back to normal” as we transition into larger class sizes, a return to lessons in the library, and having all of our friends with us at school. We even got to schedule our first field trips in over a year! Our 2nd graders were excited to go to the beach to learn about the coastal biome at Oceanside. Next month, our 3rd graders will visit Whiskey Creek Fish Hatchery as part of their science lessons. It feels good to get out into the community with our Prairie Dogs!

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Welcome Back!

East is so thrilled to have all of her students back at school! Monday-Thursdays now have so much “life” in them. We are excited to make memories now in person even as we have made them from a distance in our recent past.

This week is both Summer Days Spirit Week and Certified Staff Appreciation. So the memories pile up even as we get back on track academically, socially, emotionally, and physically here at school. WE are still singing the same tune: Safe Responsible Polite. These are the words we know.

Students are Moving at the Junior High

The Hybrid rotation schedule is going very well for TJHS. The students love being able to move from class to class. They are more engaged and like having access to all of their teachers each day. Eating in the cafeteria with friends is also a favorite. The staff has really enjoyed seeing all of their students and giving them the 1:1 attention the smaller classes afford them. Thanks to both staff and students for helping make this transition smooth and seamless!
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Charity Drive Success at THS

Tillamook High School would like to thank everyone who pitched in to support our charity drive this year. We blew our $50,000 goal out of the water by raising $81,760.60!

Congratulations to the Freshmen for having the highest participation rate. Please join us in celebrating our new Charity Drive King and Queen, Justin Werner and Daysha Chelone! Also, great work to the Freshmen class sponsors, Heather Phillips and Tracy Nuzum!

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Día del Niño

The THS Juntos program celebrated día del niño this month by handing out Mexican candy to Cheeseblocks. Día del niño, or Children’s Day, is an annual celebration that is dedicated for the protection of children around the world and is celebrated on the 30th of April in Mexico.

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Wilson River Students Working Hard

Students at Wilson School have returned on a daily basis and have been working hard both in and outside of the classroom. They have done a great job of getting those credits earned and have been working in the garden to get things planted and ready to go. Way to go!!!

Trask Students Learn Welding in Virtual Reality

Trask River students will soon be receiving initial training in welding. The school just received the Lincoln VRTEX 360 Virtual Reality Welding Training Simulator. The VRTEX 360 provides the first environment for students to learn how to weld by giving them life-like welding experiences. This helps them learn to respond and adjust their welding technique. It simulates sparks, slag, grinding and weld cooling while providing more consistent feedback than traditional welding. “In my experience in trying out the simulator, I put on the headgear and found myself transported to a welding booth on a construction site. I was able to lay down a beginning weld and received feedback from the machine that would enable me to improve my welding,” said principal Greg English. The school’s Trask River Productions team is constructing a 5 station mobile welding laboratory that is hoped to be ready for classes in early 2022. This will provide the next phase of welding instruction. Providing training for our young men to enhance opportunities for employment upon release is an important part of our work in helping Trask River students gain redemption and reentry into society.
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Tillamook School District

The mission of the Tillamook School District is to prepare our students with the academic, artistic, and social skills necessary to become positive contributors to a changing world.