KSCA Advocacy Notes


Welcome to KSCA Advocacy Notes!

As Advocacy Chair for the Kentucky School Counselor Association, I want to connect school counselors across the Commonwealth with important advocacy information they need to promote our wonderful profession in Kentucky! Please contact me with any feedback or questions! My contact info can be found under the leadership tab on the KSCA website.

Stacey Russell
KSCA Advocacy Chair
National School Counseling Week is February 2nd - February 6th! This is a week all about promoting and advocating for this profession we all love so much! Several counselors struggle with how to celebrate this week (or advocate in general) because they don't want to seem like they are bragging. Sometimes, it's all about baby steps! Below are several ideas, ranging from low key to high profile, to help you promote all the wonderful things you do!

  • Send a certificate or thank you note to teachers and staff, thanking them for all they do to help out the counseling office. ASCA has a nice template here.
  • Hang posters around the school promoting NSCW. You can make your own or purchase them from ASCA here.
  • Place an announcement in the morning announcements every day, letting students know it's NSCW and promoting a character trait. ASCA has some great sample announcements here.
  • Invite your state legislator(s) to your school to see what you do and how your counseling office runs. This is a perfect week to bring them into your school! Not sure how to contact your state legislator? All their info can be found here.
  • Join in on Twitter with the hashtag #NSCW15. Tag @KentuckySCA so we can see how counselors across the Commonwealth are celebrating!
  • Participate in the NSCW week photo challenge. Information is on ASCA's website, along with several other ideas on how to celebrate National School Counseling Week!

Kentucky School Counselor Association Conference!

KSCA's annual state conference is Wednesday, February 25th - Friday, February 27th! For all the details please CLICK HERE. This is great way to connect with other counselors across the Commonwealth! This would also be a great event to invite your state legislator to! Let them see and hear the wonderful things we do, as well as hear about the issues and challenges we face! The Awards Luncheon on Thursday would be great for them to attend. Several of their constituents in one room is always a plus! Go HERE to get your legislators contact info.

If you haven't registered, you can CLICK HERE to do so! Hope to see you there!

Important Issues

Below is an article that appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal about an issue High School Counselors might find particularly interesting. The article can be found by CLICKING HERE. If you'd like to register a comment with your legislator on this issue you can do so by calling 1-800-372-7181.

Have an important issue you think counselors in Kentucky need to know about or address? Please send it to me!