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The Archives War

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Hello this is News to go, and today we are getting exclusive information about the Archives War. Here’s President Sam Houston with us to tell us about war. “It all started when the Mexican Leaders where upset about Lamars administrations. General Rafel Vasquez lead 700 soldiers to attack San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. I ordered the government archives to be withdrawn. The People of Austin opposed of my actions, and where worried that I would completely move the Capital to Houston. But I went with what I thought and ordered them to be moved. Then as we were moving the documents a group by Angelina Eberly shot at the officials loading the documents. The documents ended up staying in Austin. That is a little about the Archives War.” We also found journal entry from Angelina Eberly we have red them, and this is some of the excerpt, “Today we are going to try and steal the Government Archives from Texas. We are going to shoot at the officials while they are loading them up on the wagons.” That was her short journal entry, but explains a lot about what citizens were planning. We found some information about the General who started all this havoc. Here is Rafel Vasquez in jail “I was the man who Sam Houston talked about. I did lead 700 to attack cities in Texas. I quickly left Texas in fear of capture.” I would like to thank all of our special guests President Sam Houston and Rafel Vasquez. Thank You for reading News To Go and hope you have a good day.