The Freshman Fundamental

News and Happenings on Team 2025


While we are very sad to see her go, Mrs. Birkofer had a wonderful opportunity to start her next phase of life that will include much travel and time of retirement with her husband. We want to express our gratitude for the 4+ years she served students here at BHS.

Team 2025 is currently in the process of filling the open team Administrative Assistant position. We hope to have our new person in place in the next week or so. Be on the look out for a new face/voice to greet you!

We Need Your Help

If you need to pick-up your teen early for an appointment, please call as soon as possible. This is a big building, and our Admin Assistant can't always locate students in a timely manner without advanced warning.

If you wait until you get here or a few minutes before to call, it's possible the appointment will be missed.

Don't Forget to Check Grades in PowerSchool and Communicate w/Teachers if You're Concerned

Team 2025 does NOT track grades on a Day-by-Day basis.


While meals are free for all students again this year, it is important for any family who may qualify for free and reduced meals to complete the application. A new application must be completed each year. Those who qualify may receive assistance for curricular materials and other fees in addition to other support. Follow the link for more information.


Please discuss with your child the importance of maintaining proper and appropriate adherence to the school dress code. While fashion changes, the purpose of school does not. Students are in school to learn. Any fashion that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted. Personal expression is permitted within these guidelines.

Students should consider the following when dressing for school:

  • Does my clothing expose too much?
  • Does my clothing advertise something that is prohibited to minors?
  • Are there obscene, profane, drug/alcohol-related, gang-related, or inflammatory messages on my clothing?
  • Am I dressed appropriately for the weather?
  • Do I feel comfortable with my appearance?

The link below will take you to the BHS Website with the student handbook to refer to any dress code questions.

BHS Student Handbook 2021-2022

Governor's Order Changes Quarantine Protocols

Late Wednesday afternoon, Governor Holcomb issued an executive order changing the quarantine rules for schools that require masks. Students who have had close contact to a positive case when they are unmasked (i.e., during lunch) will still have to quarantine and families are contacted separately about the next steps. When a student is a close contact to a positive case when both parties are wearing masks (i.e., on the bus or in class), the student will not have to quarantine. The family will still be contacted and will be asked to monitor the student for symptoms while they continue to attend school. Please contact Ryan Elam or Melanie Carrell at 317-852-2258 x1503 or x1507 if you have further questions.


Ask your freshman how to access Schoology (it's the same as their computer login at BHS). Mrs. Mehrtens and Mr. Douglas are always adding updates relevant to students, and we also keep the "resource" section current. Aside from that, you can access each of your student's classes, download missing assignments, communicate with teachers, and more.

Diploma Types and Requirements

At Brownsburg High School, students have three diplomas from which to choose, and each diploma has its own set of requirements.

  • Academic Honors Diploma (AHD)- This diploma prepares students for the rigors of college..
  • Technical Honors Diploma (THD)- This diploma prepares students for technical fields.
  • Core 40 Diploma- Standard diploma

See our Program of Studies for a description of requirements per diploma type.

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Freshmen Pathway Meetings

On September 23rd and 24th, Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Mehrtens will be meeting with our cohorts to review valuable information related to being a student at BHS. Topics will include the following:

  • Using and checking student e-mail addresses
  • Understanding Indiana Graduation Pathways with a focus on Employability Skills
  • The importance of staying informed and how to stay informed
  • Transcript Review
  • How to communicate with your counselor

Character Education

Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Mrs. Mehrtens will have the privilege of visiting several classrooms to facilitate September's and October's character trait of RESPECT. During these lessons, students will have a chance to reflect on the various ways they show respect to themselves, others, and the world. The lesson will conclude by learning healthy and safe ways to respond when they believe they have been disrespected.

Guaranteed Admission to Purdue University


Many promising Indiana students will now have the opportunity to take their first steps toward a Purdue degree with the new Purdue Fast Start program. Purdue's partnership with Modern States, a philanthropy and online learning program for earning college credit, provides free courses and textbooks online plus vouchers to pay for credit bearing exams. Passing five courses, the corresponding CLEP exams, and meeting Purdue's standard admissions requirements assures admission into Purdue. This partnership will create new opportunities for Indiana students to take giant leaps in their education with a new pathway to Purdue University.


Through the Purdue Fast Start program, students will be able to make their own giant leaps a reality by earning access to affordable, high-quality education at Purdue.

To earn admission into Purdue, Indiana students can take the Modern States online courses for free. Those who pass a minimum of five corresponding College Board CLEP exams and meet Purdue's standard admission requirements are assured admission to Purdue and designated as Klinsky Scholars.

Make a Purdue University education even more affordable:

  • FREE ONLINE COURSES AND CORRESPONDING CLEP EXAMS THROUGH MODERN STATES, covering the entire cost of the Fast Start program
  • Complete 5 courses + pass the CLEP exams (paid for by = 15 credits, a full semester’s worth of credit at Purdue, WHICH CAN SAVE A STUDENT $11,000
  • Complete 10 courses + pass the CLEP exams (paid for by = 30 credits, freshman year for free at Purdue, WHICH CAN SAVE A STUDENT OVER $21,000.

See the link below for a full set of details

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See the attachments below for information from Herff Jones on ordering class rings!