Stilwell Monday Message

Student and Family Communication

August - 8/30/21

Today is a BLACK day!

Wow, did those first three days of school go fast! Students have done an outstanding job learning about the Stilwell three Rs (Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient). For more information regarding these scroll down below to our PBIS focus for the week.

We are kindly asking your help to not drop your student off on Vine Street. Please see the pick-up and drop-off process in the image at the bottom of our Monday Message.

Just a reminder that next Monday, September 6th, we do not have school due to Labor Day.

Erica Whittle - Principal

Stiwell PBIS

Stilwell uses positive behavior interventions and supports to help support students in making good choices that promote high academic achievement and positive social interactions. Students will be recognized with PBIS reward points by showing how they are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and RESILIENT.


  • Allowing yourself and others to do and be their best.
  • Being respectful in relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and well-being.


  • Understanding how our words and actions impact ourselves and others.

  • Being responsible means being dependable, keeping promises, and honoring our commitments.


  • Achieving despite obstacles.

  • Being resilient is the ability to bounce back from stress, challenges, failure, and trauma.

This week we will be paying special attention to our cell phone expectations. We ask that students have their phones put away in academic settings unless they have permission from a teacher to use their devices.

Stilwell Fall Musical

Stilwell will be performing our fall musical later this fall on November 5th, 6th, and 7th. This year students will be putting on Aladdin Jr.

If your or your student is interested in learning more information please click here.

Stilwell Fall Musical - Aladdin Jr.

Stilwell Athletics

8th-grade families,

Please remember that all student-athletes who plan to participate in a sport this year must submit their sports physical and all forms entered through FamilyID. All forms are available upon logging in to our respective FamilyID page.

Please visit for more information about this process and to find Stilwell's link.

Athletic physical form

Drop Off & Pick-Up Protocol

We understand our parking lot drop-off and pick-up process can be time-consuming. However, we need all families to follow the procedures to ensure our students are safe. Please remember these guidelines:

  • Do not use the local business as a place to pick-up your child.
  • Do not drop off your student or stop for any reason along Vine Street.
  • Do not pull into the bus lanes along Vine Street.
  • Do not allow your student to exit the vehicle until you have pulled up to the curb in the parking lot.
  • Please drive slowly through the parking lot and on Vine St.
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Stilwell Student Handbook 20-21

Throughout this year you may have questions, need clarifications, or might need to see who you can turn to for help. Please start with the Junior High Schools Handbook.