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Kaylee Couch

How did slavery begin?

Slavery began in 1619. It started with the triangular trade, Europe, Africa and finally America. Most southerners owned slaves. The slaves were kidnapped from their homes and families in Africa. They were *Stolen into Slavery. The slaves worked on plantations and farms down in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware. Each slave owner had the slaves work from sun rise to sun set in the cotton fields on their property, pulling cotton and mending to animals. Some worked in the houses as maids and chefs.

Many of the slaves were treated very poorly. If they did not do what they were told to do, they were whipped and beaten. Some to death. The hours they worked were almost 24. they worked all day, only sleeping for 1-4 hours before being called up in the morning. The food they were given was very little. but what they did get was corn and pork or fish. They were not aloud to read or write, because the owners were afraid of them sending letters to the free men and asking to be helped out. Most were not aloud to go to church. Some owners read them the bible and taught them, but that's about it. But only very few churches allowed blacks. If so, they were separated in the way back from the white worshipers. They could get married and have children but if was never recognized publicly. If any slaves were caught running away, death. Or beatings and whips until unconscious, which would then let bacteria and germs into the wounds, killing the slave in the end.

Finally in 1865, slavery was illegal. The north and south has gone to war and everyone was free. North being against slavery, South being with slavery, there was many debates and fights about this topic. The south wanted to keep them and become their own country, but with Abraham Lincon in in the white house, they came back to fight for it. When the north won, all slaves were set free and the president had army troops down in the south to make sure that the blacks were not being hurt or treated differently.

*Stolen into Slavery- A book illustrating a slaves life and his story.

word count- 383

What can America do with their attitude against others?

I feel a good portion of the American population is very racist, may be from how they grew up, or other reasons. But each person is made the same way. We each have bones, kidneys, hair, rib cages...and what is most important the heart. Some people don't look past the color or the physical look to each person. If you took all of our skin off, we would look exactly the same, blacks, whites, asians, everyone.

I think have a memorial travel theater would be a great idea to show off the worlds history and how we are one together. The name would be '=writes'.

Every September, October, and November '=writes' will put on a huge play, showing almost everyday, traveling around to diffrent parts of the U.S putting on plays of our history. The plays would differ from black slaves back in the 1800's to slaves in Egypt in 1700's B.C. to modern day racism and the sterotypes this world has known. Some plays, could be put on at high schools, showing the 'cliques' most have, showing the younger generation of this world populations that it is the time to change history and accept everyone for who they are. I say we take some of the plays to the fifth and sixth graders, this is around the age where most are learn new words and there meanings, showing this play to a child of this age, it may take a course of change for that child and we could

start a *Chain Reaction and start one person at a time, then that person would go and show more people that color does not matter, its about the soul of the person, how they are a person, not looks.

I hope to open peoples minds. Open them to see the not-so-difference in everyone around them. Admission would be $5.50. And for the familys that are homeless or on wellfare and cannot afford each persons admission, with proof of wellfare or being homeless, we will give that person and their family free admission and a chance to stay afterwards and have a nice meal with the cast of the play.

Casting would be any race or gender, proving that if you open your mind, people can work together in harmony and create something that shows the cruelty in the world.

*Chain reaction- A story of Rachel Scott, a girl who believed in anyone.

Word count- 396

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This post shows the rough draft of the side of the travel theater bus. Each letter for 'writes' will be held up by someone of a different race or economical different person depending on the play that that cast is showing.
12 YEARS A SLAVE - Official Trailer (HD)
Kaylee Couch


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Lights! Camera! Action! The auditions!! on April 23 2015 we are holding auditions for the 2015-2016 '=writes' production of '12 years of slave'. Call 440-123-456 to schedule your audition timing!