Mexico's Cities History

The Olmecs

Somewhere around 1000 BC, the first of Mexicos ancient civilizations, the Olmecs, established themselves in what are now the states of Veracruz and Tabasco. They worshipped a jaguar God, built cities, constructed massive stone head carvings, and spread throughout central and southern Mexico until their civilization mysteriously vanished around 400 BC.

The Main Cathedral

 In 1821 the country gained its independence from Spain, though of course the Spanish influence and many people of Spanish descent remained.  French intervention in Mexico left remnants of a French culture in the city.  The US invasion in 1847 added its marks of tragedy and heroism.

The Nahua Aztecs

The Nahua Aztec or Mexica tribe established Mexico City on March 18, 1325 and it became the capital of a sophisticated growing empire. It was originally located on a small island but because of its rapid growth, the city was forced to build artificial islands and a series of canals to absorb the growth of the metropolis. Rulers like Izcoatl, Moctezuma I, Axayacatl, Tizoc, Ahyuizotl, and Moctezuma II and their groups of eagle-warriors and jaguar-warriors led the city successfully with a pre-Colombian civilization.