Spring is Nearly Here

First Grade's December Newsletter


Last month in writing students published their “How to” writing piece (ex: how to bake a cake). Currently first graders are working on writing opinion and review pieces. We are learning what it means to have an opinion about a topic. Students have brought in a collection of items that they will review and share about which item they like best and why.


In reading, first graders are learning how to identify character traits of characters in a text. Students are recognizing the difference between physical and personality character traits. In addition, first graders are studying blends and diagraphs such as Sh and Ch sounds in order to further reading skills. First graders are practicing these skills during independent and guided reading.


First graders have been continuing to learn about addition and subtraction relationships. Students are using addition to help solve subtraction problems and understand that addition and subtraction are related. In class, students are using related facts to help solve addition and subtraction stories where there are multiple steps. In the upcoming math unit, first graders will begin focusing on place value and understanding what each number is worth.


In science students are continuing to study the different states of matter including solids, liquids and gasses. Currently, first graders are focusing on observing and describing liquids. They are learning the physical properties of liquids including how they may look, feel and what shapes liquids come in. Students are learning that states of matter are constantly changing. First grade classes have been doing experiments to observe changes in matter, such as freezing liquid into ice. Students will begin their new science unit shortly, which will focus on weather.

Social Studies

First graders have recently finished their unit about families now and long ago. Students learned how families and communities have changed over time. In class students identified how transportation, schools and clothing have transformed over generations. Our upcoming social studies unit will focus on communities and community helpers.

Happy Birthday to...

Ms. Turner & Mrs. Noa

Bar E. 03/06

Ayleny G. 03/06

Vivienne K. 03/06

Aniyah M. 03/09

Johan C. 03/23

Ms. Barrett & Ms. Farhi

Hailey M 3/06

Ms. Critelli & Ms. Eaton

Ms. Creitelli 03/21

School Calendar

March Madness

March 3rd - Pajama Day/Stop Drop and Dance

March 10th - Crazy Hat Day

March 17th - Mismatch Day/St. Patrick's Day

March 24th - Twin Day!

March 31st - Wear your PS 84 Gear

Book Fair

March 8th

Parent Teacher Conferences

March 9th * Early Dismissal @ 11:30am

Conferences start at 12:30 - 2:30pm (Please make sure to make your appointment)

Second Session at 4:30 - 7:30pm (Please make sure to make your appointment)

Wonderful Wednesday

March 15 at 8:30 PM

PTA Meeting

March 22