Natural Gas

by Ally Z, Brooke B, Shreya M, Mirko G.

Description of Natural Gas

The Ancient Chinese People were the first people to discover and use Natural Gas.Natural Gas is a fossil fuel made when layers of buried plants and animals are under great heat and pressure over thousands of years. The energy that the plants originally had from the sun is stored in the chemical bonds in the natural gas. It is colorless, Tasteless and odorless but some scientists have put in odors so it can easily be detected.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Gas

Advantages of Natural Gas:

  • Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

  • Natural Gas is non-toxic so if a human inhales Natural Gas, it isn’t harmful to the human.

  • Natural Gas is abundant, reliable and convenient.

  • The Natural Gas Industry supports about 3 million jobs and adds more than $385 million to the economy and government

  • Natural Gas is reliable because even when the electricity is out, appliances that use Natural Gas still work.


  • Natural Gas can’t be easily detected because of its colorless and odorless nature making it really hard to work with

  • Because of the composition of natural gas, it is highly combustible and methane explosions can happen. So if there are leaks in your house Natural gas can be super dangerous

  • Taking too many breathes of Gas indoors can be very harmful to your body, that can cause death by taking away your supply of oxygen. SO GO OUT MORE!!!

  • Natural gas burns extremely cleanly although it is a non- Renewable Resource. So Natural Gas is destroying the earth, leaving large craters within the earth
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