Love Notes from the Library

A Peek Inside Our Shelves

Something Old

Did you know that there are 3 sections of professional development books for teachers in our library?

· The first section is a collection of mentor texts. This is to ensure that the touchstone text you are looking for is not checked out by a student.

· The second section is a collection of Character Education themed books to be shared with your students.

· The third section is a collection of books for your own personal study and development.

All of these books are located behind the circulation desk, are bar-coded like the regular collection, and are available for you to check out.

What makes a book a touchstone text?

Something New

I like Big Books and I cannot lie

We have noticed that many of you like to browse the Big Book section for titles. To help make your search easier we have labeled all of the non-fiction Big Books with a bright green sticker so they stand out from the fiction books. In addition, we have highlighted the non-fiction Big Books with especially good examples of text features with an additional hot pink sticker.