Paul's Case Literary Analysis

Celia Rosa

Point of View

The point of view in "Paul's Case" is third person. Paul is seen as an outcast and also as someone who prefers lonesome. The picture I have chosen shows a young man who made the decision to e an outcast which thoroughly portrays Paul's character in "Paul's Case."


In Paul's Case, Paul is characterized as transcendental. There are several occasions when Paul wants to escape from the boring everyday routine and neighborhood. He wants to get away by indulging in art and theater because that is what makes him happy. The image I chose conveys the characterization of Paul because in a sense Paul walks alone. Everything around him can be picture perfect but very depressing a the same time.


The setting in "Paul's Case" takes place in Pittsburgh which is supposed to be very urban and full of life. Through the eyes of Paul the setting of Pittsburgh is seen as too normal and boring. He wishes to be his own person and to get away from the daily routine. This image conveys the setting because half of the city is black and white while the other half is colorful and full of life. The half that is black and white shows how people from Pittsburgh see the city while the colorful side with the fireworks shows how other people outside of Pittsburgh may see it.


The author uses symbolism throughout the poem in order to convey what Paul is really like. The two major uses of symbolism is money and red carnations. Paul has a thing for red carnations because he occasionally wears them in his buttonhole. The significance of the red carnation is that towards the end, it represents the death of Paul himself. The image I chose conveys the symbolism because it is like the red carnation described in Paul's Case.


The theme demonstrates that Paul has no earthly idea of the concept and purpose of money and anything that holds monetary value. The image I've chosen portrays stacks of coins with monopoly houses of top. In a sense, it shows how money determines social status. In "Paul's Case" Paul thinks that money can provide happiness and social status. He doesn't understand that money cannot provide internal happiness, it can only provide for artificial and materialistic items.

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