Washington Tech Tidbits

Washington School - September 19, 2016 - Rachel Labuz

Instructional Coaching

Want to know more about Google Classroom? Looking for a digital classroom management system? Trying to think of more ways to integrate Google Apps for Education into your curriculum? Thinking about creating a BreakoutEDU experience for your students? Contact me to set up a coaching session today!
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BrightBytes Survey

Teachers: Staff will be taking the BrightBytes survey during this Wednesday's building meeting. Please bring your laptops!

The STUDENT data collection window is open from Monday, September 19th until Friday, September 23rd (ending at 3PM). Please have the students in your class take this questionnaire together and only once. It has been recommended by BrightBytes for students to take this questionnaire in one sitting to ensure proper administration.

Here are the directions for administering the Bright Bytes questionnaire to your students:

Step 1: The best time to administer the questionnaire is at the beginning of the class period.

Step 2: Direct students to this URL -- http://www.BByt.es/XE4UL

Step 3: Have students take the questionnaire (should typically take about 15 minutes.)

Thank you again for your cooperation in administering this questionnaire to our students! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Digital Citizenship

FYI: a portion of this week's building meeting will be dedicated to teams planning the implementation and integration of the Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

Lessons can be delivered verbatim from the links in the above documents, or the themes and learning targets can be embedded in existing curriculum and activities. It's also important to remember that these concepts need to be reinforced throughout the year.

Looking to Gamify your Classroom?

Check out this handy guide for gamifying your classroom by Carrie Baughcum. She uses a Star Wars-themed Monopoly board with her students to increase participation and communication skills. Please let me know if you'd be interested in gamifying your own classroom! It is a great way to increase student engagement and motivation.


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