Digital Learning Day

February 17, 2016

Digital Learning Day 2015 - Innovate. Collaborate. Inspire.

What is Digital Learning Day?

"Digital Learning Day provides an opportunity to collaborate with peers, share ideas, try new digital tools, and celebrate education innovation. Most importantly, it encourages everyone to play a role in the transformation of their own schools and communities."

How do we participate?

Take the challenge to try something new for Digital Learning Day! Maybe it is something you learned at a Tech PD or the one tool you heard about at a conference. Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing....Kahoot (student created), Thing Link, PowToon, Google Hangout with another class (maybe just at another LCPS school), author, or expert, student project for review (Google Classroom), Wordle, Padlet, Digital Citizenship etc. Whatever you decide please share a picture, or at least, a quick email so I can compile all your ideas and stop by for a visit. If you need help please let me know.