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February 2021

Calendar of Events

Happy 4-H Month!!

Feb 10 - G/R After-school Sew Fun at Extension Office from 1-4 pm

Feb 10 - Adult Sew Fun Clinic at Extension Office starting at 6 pm

Feb 12 - HS After-school Sew Fun at Extension Office from 1-4 pm

Feb 13 - Dawes Co Beef Weigh-In at Crawford Livestock from 9-12 pm

Feb 13-21 - Cattleman’s Classic at Kearney

Feb 14 - Panhandle Best Shoot at Mitchell

Feb 15 - Closed

Feb 15 - Shooting Sports Practice at Rushville Legion starting at 4 pm

Feb 21 - Panhandle Best Shoot at Alliance

Feb 22 - Gordon After-school (3-5) at Rushville Elementary starting at 3:30 pm

Feb 22 - Shooting Sports Practice at Rushville Legion starting at 4 pm

Feb 24 - G/R After-school Quilting at Extension Office from 1-4 pm

Feb 26 - HS After-school Quilting at Extension Office from 1-4 pm

Feb 28 - Panhandle Best Shoot at Ogallala

Important Announcements

- 4-H registration is open. Please remember to register and pay your dues by June 15th. The payment feature is fixed so you can pay online or with check or cash.

- If you did not attend the Sheridan County Beef Weigh-in, you can attend the Dawes County weigh-in on February 13th from 9 am until noon at Crawford Livestock Auction.

- YQCA must be completed by June 15th. Online ($12) or in-person ($3) training available. In-person training will be on March 12th or 25th.

Happy Nebraska 4-H Month!!

We are proud to provide opportunities for all youth to belong, and we invite you to celebrate with us this month by showing our 4-H spirit in your community and on our Facebook page: Nebraska Extension-Sheridan County

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Youth who are interested in participating in a livestock animal project including: rabbit, poultry, swine, beef, sheep, and goat; must complete the Youth for Quality Care of Animals training prior to June 15th. After families enroll online at, they can visit and login with their 4-H Online account information. Youth have the option of completing the training in person or online. The online training costs $12 per person and the in person training only costs $3. The first in person training will be held on March 12th starting at 9 am at the Sheridan County Extension office. Youth will need to go online to register for the training prior to this date. For help you can email or contact Marie Nelson at

Dog Achievement Program

The Nebraska 4-H Dog Achievement Program is a brand-new opportunity for 4-H members involved in or looking to get involved in the 4-H companion animal projects. This new program encourages youth to engage in a variety of companion animal opportunities, events, and contests as they progress through 4 achievement levels. The program is open to enrolled 4-H members ages 8-18. Learn more at:

Horse Stampede

The Nebraska 4-H Horse Stampede will be held Saturday, March 27! This event offers a variety of contents that do not involve live animals, including public speaking, demonstration, art, photography, and horse bowl. Learn more at

LOG N Camp

Kick off your summer right by joining Panhandle 4-H staff at Halsey State 4-H Camp on May 25-26th. During this camp youth in grades 5th through 7th will get to experience the TRUST course, go canoeing, travel down the zipline while learning valuable leadership skills to take home with them. The fee is $85. Scholarships may be available from the 4-H Council!! Contact Melissa Mracek at for more information.

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Trailer Bash

Are you in search of a 4-H animal but do not want to travel across the state or pay a ton? Attend the 1st ever Trailer Bash at the Dawes County Fairgrounds on March 27th. At this event at least 30 Hereford pigs, 10 goats, and potentially sheep will be available for silent auction for 4-H members. For more information about this event contact Daryl Scherbarth at 308-360-1881.

Speech Contest

The Speech and Public Service Announcement (PSA) contests provide 4-H'ers the opportunity to learn to express themselves clearly, organize their ideas and have confidence. The 2021 state PSA theme is “Opportunity 4 All”. Contests are open to all 4-H'ers ages 5-18 (by January 1 of the current year) -- need not be enrolled in a specific project. Youth may choose to participate in either or both the Speech and PSA contests. If questions, contact Marie Nelson at or 308-327-2312.

Companion Animal Webinar

Do not forget to tune into the Nebraska 4-H Companion Animal Webinar Series hosted on the first Thursday of each month! These webinars are a great opportunity for leaders, parents, and senior aged youth to gain knowledge in various companion animal topic areas. A new subject is covered each session with guest speakers joining to share their expertise. Register in advance at

Cat Science

Ever wonder how cats became domesticated? Interested in learning more about caring for a feline friend? How about showing a cat in 4-H or exploring careers related to cats? We have got answers to all these questions and more in our Companion Cat Science online course! The course is free and open to all youth, parents, and leaders interested in advancing their knowledge of cats and the 4-H cat project. Youth do not need to be enrolled 4-H members to participate. Learn more at

Rabbit Science

Looking to get involved in the 4-H rabbit project? We have got everything you need to know all in one place! Check out our Companion Rabbit Science Course to learn all about selecting, caring for, and showing rabbits. The course is great for middle-school youth but is open to all youth regardless of age who are looking to learn more about rabbits and the 4-H rabbit projects. Youth do not need to be enrolled 4-H members to participate. Learn more at

Photography Showcase

Submit your favorite photo for a chance to be showcased! The 4-H Photography Showcase offers members a project exhibition opportunity beyond traditional print media. 4-H’ers are invited to submit their favorite photos they’ve taken for a chance to have it showcased online for thousands of 4-H fans to admire. Learn more at

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Clover Buds

The Gordon Clover Bud workshop will be held on February 8th from 4:00 – 5:00 pm at the Gordon After School program. The Rushville Clover Bud workshop will be held on February 9th from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm as a part of the Rushville After School program. The Hay Springs Clover Bud workshop will be held virtually on February 5th from 10-11 am. Please register for the Hay Springs event with Marie Nelson by February 3rd.

Clover Bud members are youth between the ages of 5 and 7 as of January 1st, 2021. These youth will experience teamwork, social interaction, and decision-making skills while participating in hands on activities. Upon participating in these workshops, youth will have Clover Bud projects to display at the 2021 Sheridan County Fair.

Diamond Clover - A Way to Level Up in 4-H

Diamond Clover is a noncompetitive aspect of 4-H that allows youth to set goals for the 4-H year which are not tied to ribbons received. Now is a great time to set goals for this year. After fair is over, youth will write down their accomplishments under the goals they selected. At the Achievement Banquet they will be recognized and receive a 4-H pin with the stone that is related to their level. The forms can be found at: Youth can only complete one level a year but can start at any of the levels.

4-H members who do not participate in the County Fair can still apply for this recognition. Please contact the Nebraska Extension Sheridan County office if you have any questions.

Special Agronomy Project

The Nebraska Extension Special Agronomy Project gives 4-H members an opportunity to experience a crop that is grown, was grown or has the potential to be grown in Nebraska. Youth participate by receiving seed and resources to grow the crop, research traits of the crop and determine the viability of that crop in the part of the state they live. The project allows 4-H members interested in agronomy to grow something fun, new, and different.

To kick-off the inaugural year of the special agronomy project, youth will explore teosinte. The plant looks and is very similar to corn, in fact it is believed to be the wild ancestor of today's corn! For youth to participate in 2021, they will need to enroll in any level of a field crops project in 4-H Online and let the extension office know if they’d like to participate.

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