Cornucopia, Fall Colors, Pumpkin


Thanksgiving is a national holiday known as a day of gratitude and featuring a large meal usually involving turkey. It remembers a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621.


A cornucopia represents Thanksgiving because it is a symbol of nourishment and fulfillment, often associated with the abundance and blessing of the first Thanksgiving in America. Although it is used all around the world, it is most popular as a symbol of Thanksgiving.

Fall colors

Fall colors, specifically red, orange, and yellow are a distinct symbol of Thanksgiving because they appear in the Fall as the leaves change colors and fall off trees. Colored leaves usually cover the ground during the Thanksgiving holiday.


The pumpkin an important part of the harvest festival and are thought to have been ate at the first Thanksgiving. Pumpkins also help to produce pumpkin pie, which is a common part of the Thanksgiving feast.

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