Lockport City School District

April 2021 Points of Pride from Superintendent Bradley

Administrative Professionals Day April 21, 2021

A very special THANK YOU to all Lockport City School District clerical staff members for their outstanding work in supporting the mission and vision of improving teaching and learning in the district. These are the individuals who help to create a positive first impression of our buildings and district. They are responsible for helping to keep our schools safer, maintaining accurate data, helping teachers obtain resources, being the right arm of administrators, and are a critical communication link between home and school. While working on the front line can be challenging at times, their efforts toward remaining calm, being professional, and moving the district forward are recognized and very much appreciated.

2021 Best Communities for Music Education Award

The Lockport City School District has been named one of 686 districts across the nation to be a Best Communities for Music Education recipient by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation. The Lockport City School District demonstrates an unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive music education for all students and is dedicated to providing learning opportunities as part of a well-rounded education. This is the sixth consecutive year the district has received the award.

STOP School Violence Program

The STOP School Violence Program is committed to creating a culture of care and safety within the Lockport City School District. We realize that community issues often find a way into our schools and create conflict among students, between students’ families, and between student, families, and staff. Our Conflict Resolution Coaches will play a vital role in helping to successfully intervene, de-escalate, and resolve community-based and in-school conflicts before threats or crisis situations occur.

Our school and community conflict resolution coaches, Ronald Cheatham, Miles Patterson, and Joseph Poole, are an essential part of our team, and their work will help bridge the gap that sometimes occurs in communication between school, family and community partners. Their experience working with youth and engaging Lockport families will be a huge asset to the STOP Program and to all of us here at LCSD. We are so grateful that they have joined us!

Earth Day

Earth Day was celebrated on Thursday, April 22. Through art and service projects, students throughout the district learned how they can love their earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day continues to grow with a focus on promoting clean living and a healthy, sustainable habitat for people and wildlife. Celebrating Earth Day serves as a reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.

EB Students Trash Pick Up

Fall Season II Sports

Fall Season II kicked off on March 22, 2021. This includes Football, Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Volleyball, and Girls Swimming. This is a very different season for all of the athletes and coaches as these sports are normally played in the beginning of the school year, but everyone is adjusting and happy to be out on the field, court and in the pool. We look forward to a successful season for all of our athletes as they push toward sectionals.

Spring sports are scheduled to begin on May 3 with Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Lacrosse, Wrestling, and Boys Tennis. We anticipate finishing both seasons Lion Strong!

April in our Schools