Four Nests... One Family News

Week of January 3, 2022

Rockledge Elementary School

School Hours: 9am-3:40pm (Doors open at 8:55am daily)

Principals' Message

Hello Rockledge Families,

We are hoping that your families are safe and warm. Winter weather has made a surprise visit this week. We do miss each and every Rockledge Eagle and cannot wait until everyone is back in the building and engaged in fun learning opportunities.

Happy New Year to everyone, we excited about the many things that 2022 will bring to our Community. There is lots of great information to kick off the new year, and don't forget to keep reading until we see everyone again.

Your Principal & Assistant Principal,

Mrs. Steptoe-Coleman

Mrs. Everett

Upcoming Important Dates

January 17th: School Holiday- MLK Day (Schools & Offices Closed)

January 21st: PTA Bingo Night

January 27th: Half-Day Dismissal (12:20pm)/Conferences

January 28th: Teacher Workday

What's Been Happening at The Rock

Rockledge Winter Celebrations

Before leaving for winter break, we were able to have some fun, just enjoying our Rockledge Community.

  • Staff paraded through the halls in costume, celebrating the amazing Fall that we have had as a community.

  • We had a virtual assembly with music classes performing pieces that highlight the many cultural holidays celebrated by many in our community.

  • The Rockledge PTA hosted an amazing book give away to ensure that ALL Rockledge students had books to read over the break.

Families' Vision for Learning: Still Time to Provide Input

In February we will be working with the Family Advisory Council to begin looking over the feedback of students, families, and staff about their hopes and dreams for Rockledge. The goal of this conversation will be to begin to craft a revised Vision and Mission for Rockledge.

There is still time to provide your input, click below or scan the QR code and share your hopes and dreams for your child's education.

Click HERE to share your vision.

Lost and Found

We have many items in our lost and found, including many coats. If your child has lost an item, please encourage them to stop by the Lost and Found and look for the item. Any items not claimed by the end of January will be marked for donation.

Please make sure to label all personal items as we continue into the winter season.

Laptops Coming Home

As a part of being a 1:1 device school, Rockledge is preparing to implement the next phase of our technology plan. We will begin having students transition between school and home with their laptop on a daily basis.

A part of this work will include your teachers preparing students to login manually (as they will need to do the first time they login at home). Once the devices begin coming home we will need your help to build the responsibility of your child with the device.

The daily transition of laptops will afford many instructional opportunities for our students:

  • access to instructional software that we utilize in the school to support reading and math skills (see information in Instructional Updates about the Lexia and Dreambox programs)
  • build student capacity in digital citizenship
  • provide increased opportunities for our primary students build capacity in using a laptop
  • provide practice for our upper grade students to access Canvas and other tools that will transition into middle school grades

Below please find some helpful tips on maintaining functioning devices between school and home:

  • Daily, students should plug in their devices at home so that they are fully charged for school the next day.
  • Parent supervision is expected while digital devices are used at home to ensure activity on the laptop is school appropriate.
  • Store your student’s laptop on a desk or table, not the floor.
  • Protect the laptop from extreme heat or cold, food or drinks, water, and pets.
  • Do not place stickers or markings on the laptop or power cord.
  • Always shut down the laptop before placing it in the laptop sleeve.
  • Use the student’s backpack to carry the laptop in its sleeve to school.
  • Do not leave the laptop in a vehicle.

Rockledge Spelling Bee is Coming Soon

Rockledge Elementary is participating in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Participation is optional. If your student does wish to participate, below you will find the attached study lists for the grade levels. First and Second Grade will have two lists; please study both of them. Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade have three lists, please study all three. Grade level spelling bees will be held on Jan 12th & 13th. The top grade level spellers will be invited to participate in the school-wide spelling bee held virtually in February. Please email Ms. Downer at if you have any questions. Happy Spelling!

1st and 2nd Grade Study Lists: 2022 1st & 2nd Grade Spelling Lists.pdf

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Study Lists: 2022 3rd-5th Grade Spelling List.pdf

PWCS is hiring educators - let your friends and neighbors know

The Human Resources Department will host an instructional job fair on January 22, 2022. Registration and completed online certified application for employment is required.

Registrants will be confirmed by email. Help spread the word! Applicants can register here for the January 22 PWCS instructional job fair.

Questions? Contact Human Resources at 703-791-8050.

PTA Updates

School Store Volunteers Needed

The Rockledge School Store is in need of parent volunteers! The store has been a huge hit with the students this year, and the funds will help pay for field trips and other student activities. The store is currently on Tuesdays and Fridays, right before school starts, around 8:55am. Volunteers would need to be available from about 8:30-9:30am on Tuesdays and/or Fridays.

This is a fun way to get involved in our school community!

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please email

PTA Bingo Night- Friday, January 21st

The PTA will be hosting a virtual Bingo Night this month. Some things to look forward to will include:

  • Drive thru card pick-up at the school
  • Pre-orders for pizza, for a complete night of dinner and Bingo
  • Virtual Bingo may even see Rocky help call numbers

More information coming soon...

Instruction & Assessment Updates

Instructional Highlight: Lexia & Dreambox

What is Lexia?

Lexia Core5 is an interactive, adaptive phonics-based program for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. It is online, personalized learning that helps students master foundational reading skills through constant assessment and is research proven. It works on computers and some iPad models, but not on a phone or Kindle. For technical information, see Lexia's System Requirements.

How does this program work?

At the beginning of school, students spent 10-15 minutes working in a one-time, adaptive Auto Placement activity. The goal of this activity is to place each student at the appropriate instructional level. Students begin each session with a Warm-up to practice their previously acquired skills. Then, they move to a new activity with three segments. For more information, please read the Lexia Core5 Learning Guide.


What is Dreambox Learning?

Dreambox is an adaptive online math program for students in grades K-8. The program adjusts to the student's math competency as they play. Dreambox recommends that students complete five or more lessons per week for optimum growth. There are over 1,200 individual math activities for grades K-5. It is web based so no download to a computer is required.

Health & Safety Updates

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