The Oregon Trail

by Alex

My Day On The Oregon Trail

We had just woke up and it was storming a lot, I was scared but my mom tried to cheer me up. The storm stoped a few hours later and we were behind schedule and we all had chores to do and mine was picking up buffalo chips but when I went to go pick up one it was not dry and my hand got covered in poop. My brother had to help cut down trees for fire wood and to clear the trail. My mom had to cook breakfast witch was flapjacks, my favorite meal. Last my dad was in charge of hunting, everyone that I was traveling with had a job. For a few hours we were just walking next to the wagon then we reached fort Bridger and we got some food supplies and we picked up a souvenir, it was a marble. Toward the end of the day we started moving a little bit slower but then we came to a river. Luckily we had enough silent to cross one last river when we got in the water I was in the wagon but my brother fell off the horse he was riding he struggled to get back on it but after a Minuit he drowned we crossed the river safely except for my brother I was very sad for the rest of the ride when it finally night time I played a little then I went to bed.

My opinion on If I would go on The Oregon Trail Or Not

If I had the choice to move west or stay where I was I would stay where I was because of all the possibilities that can happen like you could catch cholera from drinking dirty water or you could trip and get ran over by a wagon and you have to cross rivers witch you would have a chance of dying. Some more reasons I would stay is because you have to walk all day for moths and you have to get rid of so many things that you care about so it’s a waste of money. If some many people were leaving you could take their land.

some facts

just the facts

  • The Oregon trial was about 2,000 miles long.
  • about 2-3 sturdy wagons 6 to 10 head of oxen a milk cow or two plus the necessary food clothing and utensils needed for survival. They would also bring 600 lbs of flour, 120 lbs of biscuits, 400 lbs of bacon, 60 lbs of coffee, 4 lbs of tea, 100 lbs of sugar and 200 lbs of lard. Each man took a rifle or a shotgun and some even added a pistol,and a good hunting knife was essential.Farm implements such as a plow, shovel scythe, rake and a hoe.Sometimes even carpentry tools- saw, board ax, mallet and plane. seeds of corn and some other crops.

cool facts

  • The first man to die from a gun accident was John Shotwell.
  • Oxen eat almost anything. On occasion, spare clothes bounced out of the back of a covered wagon and were quicly eaten by the oxen pulling the foloing wagon.
  • A few dozen people tride to go on the Oregon trail by pushing a fully loaded wheel barrel.
  • The wind wagon was invented. sails were attached to farm wagons with the idea of blowing people across th Oregon trail.The wagons were a total fail.there was no way to coltral and they tipped over alot.
  • Most people walked. They had to be a baby or an elder to ride in a wagon.Somtimes girls had exeptions to.
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