PBL 4 Drug War

Madi , Cason , Mia , Royce


how can we make a more efficient plan to stop south America drugs from entering East Texas. we are trying to come up with a plan to stop drugs from entering our country. A lot of people have died doing drugs and if we stop the war of drugs ,then it will all be over and every body will be healthy and DRUG FREE!!!!!!!

Created by: Madilyn Alsbrooks

past plan

The D.E.A have tried to track down the drug dealers and arrest them .

1.Drug dog(s) are at gas stations and other places, and they track down the cars/trucks that have drugs in them. 2.The D.E.A the drug dogs go into the woods to find cartels, so they can stop drugs from spreading to other places in our country

Created by : Mia Delgado


Our solution to stop drugs is more border patrol-fence/wall,stricter air traffic. PluseCheck every airplane-drug dog,coastguard and a toll.

Created by : Royce Berry


The problem is drugs are getting in east texas. We need a toll,border patrol,stricter air traffic control,check every airplane for drugs, coast guard and a drug dog. In conclusion we have made a more efficient plan to stop drugs and for the D.E.A to try out.

Created by : Cason

What we learned

Madi- I learned that Columbia is the only place that makes drugs out of poppy flowers

Royce- I learned that people grow drugs in South America

Cason- I learned where drugs come from.

Mia-I learned that people that control drugs are called cartels