Zeomega DevOps 2015

Recent Accomplishments

  • Static content serving using Apache with puppet
  • Clicbank build automation support
  • Rabbitmq, memcache, and MongoDB installation using puppet without buildout
  • DB replication using puppet
  • Implementing Opengrok for code search
  • PMML / openscoring implementation using puppet
  • upgraded mssql native client driver from v10 to v11, which supports mssql 2012 & 2014

Support Activities

  • Generating reports for Compliance team like SQL codeguard
  • supported CSG team to setup jenkins and github hooks
  • Supported IS team to monitor visibility of Github repositories (private / public)
  • setup developer documentation using sphinx at
  • Nexus implementation for repository management of java related dependencies and artifacts at
  • provide build and deployment automation support for WSO2 components like API manager and ESB
  • Created Jenkin jobs to provide sources for Jiva Application, ETL5 (Including WSO2), Jiva mobility and clicbank into release archive for blackduck(protex) scan
  • JCT build and deployment automation support

Build Automation

  1. Puppet implementation for:
    1. Jiva application including Zope, Zeo, memcache,mongodb, sentinel, rabbitmq, JTS,

    2. ETL5 including python workers, WSO2 API manager, WSO2 ESB

    3. Medispan DB and DI server

    4. Jiva application DB

    5. JCT DB and application

    6. HLI DB & server

    7. PrinceXML and PDF server

    8. SSRS

    9. ReportsFramework

  2. Dual DB support for Jiva application
  3. Deployment guide for ETL5
  4. Jiva deployment guide using puppet at (URL)


It is the bridge between Engineering, QA and operations. Focusing on creating a continuous and standardized environment starting with the developers, weaving through the testers, and ending with the deployment.