First Aids

For Adults

5 Safety Tips:

1. For CPR on adults give 30 chest compressions (at least 2 inches deep and at least 100 compressions per minute)

2. Give 2 rescue breaths (blow in for one second to make the chest clearly rise)

3. Repeat the previous steps until you find obvious signs of life

4. If there are no signs of life and there is an AED available turn on AED, wipe bare chest dry, attach pads, plug in connector if necessary, stand clear analyze heart rhythm, deliver shock and then perform CPR again.

5. If nothing changes call 911 immediately

Head, Neck or Spinal Injuries:

For seizures:

Think F.A.S.T.

Face- Ask the person to smile

Arm- Ask the person to raise both arms

Speech- Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence

Time- Call 911 immediately if you see any signal of a stroke