Arab Spring Project


1. The history of protests

A. The protests began on November 22, 2012

B. People are protesting against Mohamed Morsi

C. The government responded by announcing a temporary constitutional deduction

D. As the result, the president now has full power.

2. Today

A. Egypt has become a new victim country for terrorist and Islamist attacks. Islamic militants have bombed cars, gunned down a ministry official on broad daylight, and shot down a military helicopter over Sinai.

Brian Fishman, a researcher in Washington said; "Egypt is an open front for jihad. The world is being turned on its head, and for the U.S., the ability to rely on Egypt as a stabilizing force in the region, rather than a source of problems, is really being challenged.

B. The government is a republic government and the president is Mohamed Morsi.

C. Elections will be held on May 23rd and 24th of this year so far as planned.

D. Challenges that are being faced in Egypt currently include; losing stability and legitimacy in the government through the president, poverty, poor living arrangements, over population, and unorganized government.

The international community

A. The USA is one of the few countries that are helping egypt currently. The U.S. is helping by sending medical aid and money. The UN is also helping with the poverty and environment in Egypt.

B. The United States are helping by sending money and aid to Egypt, because they are being attacked by terrorists and Islamists.

C. Yes, we would call it a revolution because there is a protest against the president Mohamed Morsi