By: Emily Hinojosa....Period 8.

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Darmstadtium was discovered in Novemeber 9, 1994. It was discovered in Darmstadt, Germany by Sigurd Hofmann, Peter Armbruster, and Gottfried Munzenberg.

Physical Properties

Density: 34.8 (predicted)

Boiling Point: Unknown

Melting Point: Unknown

Chemical Properties

Symbol: Ds

Atomic Number: 110

Atomic Weight: 271

Melting Point: Unknown

Boiling Point: Unknown

Phase: Soild

Density: Unkown

Classification: Metal (RS)

Periodic Table Information

Atomic Number: 110

Atomic Mass: 281

Symbol: Ds

Protons: 110

Electrons: 110

Neutrons: 151

Family: Transition Metals

Period: 7

Group: 10

Interesting Facts

It is one of the so-called super heavy atoms. It decays quickly.

Its isotopes have half-lives that are only microseconds long.

Where it's found in Nature....Uses and characteristics

Nature: Darmstadtium aren't stable enough to do experiments on and are not found in nature

Uses: Darmstadtium doesn't have any uses

Characteristics: Darmstadtium is a synthetic radioactive metal and has only been produced in tiny amounts.