The One and Only Ivan

Book By: Katherine Applegate. Presentation By: Sage Voyles


This is the summary of THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN.


Characterization is shown in this book, mostly through dialogue, like this example:

"Ivan!" cried Ruby, "I don't want to go! This is my home!"

"Ruby. This is your prison." Ivan sternly replies.

This shows how much Ivan cares for Ruby, and how he wants her to be in a safer place. This shows haw caring Ivan is, and how 'possessive' he is about Ruby.

Another Example is,

"Stella was as gray as a storm cloud, a dark, but subtle gray."

This shows how Ivan honors Stella, by comparing her to a great, magnificent storm cloud.


The theme of The One And Only Ivan, By Katherine Applegate is,

The solution to your problems may not be far away, if you know where and how to look for it. Be creative with your solutions.

Why? When Ivan has absolutely no idea how to save Ruby, he relies on his creativity, and inspirational activities. He grabs his idea, and runs with it. In all, Ivan's plan succeeds.

Figurative Language

Some of the figurative language shown in The One And Only Ivan are:

"As the crisp autumn descended like falling leaves, Ivan knew Ruby's future was all in his own hands."

Ivan is saying, here, that

1) It is autumn, or the fall.

2) Ruby's future depended on him.

Another piece of figurative language would be when Ivan describes his first time with a crayon, the first time he made art.

"When I dragged the blue crayon across the paper, it left a trail in it's wake, like a slithering blue snake."

Ivan says this, because ever since he was very young, he had an artist's eye. He saw figures in the clouds, the beautiful deep violet of a flower just out of reach, and the crisp forest green of the grasses.


This is the very touching dialogue of page 114, and the chapter called the bad dream. Ruby is asking Ivan questions, that Ivan is clearly uncomfortable with.