"Master Harold"...and the boys

Cheyanne Key


Fugard wrote "Master Harold"...and the boys to highlight societies need for a new social reformer.

But why was a new social reformer necessary?


Sam and Hally

societies need for change

Hally spitting in Sam's face

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"To be one of those finalists out there on that dance floor is like . . . like being in a dream about a world in which accidents don't happen"

Definition of a Social Reformer

"...somebody [who] is going to get up and give history a kick up the backside and get it going again"

Reluctance to Change

"No, Sam. They can't be discharging him. She would've said so if they were" (Hally and his Father)

"But you're too stiff" (Willie's frustration w/ dance)


"Beating her up every time she makes a mistake in the waltz? No, Willie!

(don't ruin relationship w/ the wrong tactics)

What about Willie?

childish language

represent nonwhite's

Ending of the Play

  • ominous
  • what's happening?

My New Ending (bare with us)

1 Sam: Should we try it again Hally?

2 Hally: Try what?

3 Sam: Fly another kite? It worked once and this time I need it just as badly as you.

4 Hally: I suppose we could try once the rain lets up.

5 Sam: Okay, meet tomorrow at the park?

6 Hally: Sure, I'll see you there.

7 Willie: Bye Master Hally. I's gonna be nice tomorrow.

8 Hally: Sure hope so. Bye Willie.

9 Narrator: The next day, after Sam had built the new kite, he went to meet Hally at the park.

10 Hally: Over here Sam!

11 Sam: (Handing Hally the kite) Here, run and we'll see if we can get it to fly!

12 Hally: OK Ready? (runs and kite flies) Look it's flying!

13 Narrator: ...and they all lived happily ever after!

A little discussion!

Given the author's purpose, why do you think the author chose to end the play like he did?