Important--Baseline Concussion Test

Thursday . August 7 at Noon!

WHO: All Freshmen Athletes and all 5th-8th Grade Football Players

WHERE: Aquin High School Library

WHEN: August 7th beginning at noon

WHY: Baseline concussion testing is very important for the safety of all our athletes in grades 5-12. The baseline test is just like any other medical test in that it provides Monroe Clinic with a 'baseline' to refer to in the event your athlete experiences a head trauma.

The baseline test is a computer assessment which takes about an hour to complete. It measures the level and speed at which simple memory tasks are completed by the athlete. This is information is all stored in ImPACT, the concussion management system used by Monroe Clinic.

Yes, we know this is very short notice and we apologize for that. And yes, we realize that some may not be able to make this time. Another session is being scheduled with Monroe Clinic and we will release that date and time as soon as it is available. The 2nd session will be for 5th-8th volleyball players and anyone who can't make the Thursday session.

Please bear with us as we adjust to new policies from Monroe Clinic--their trainer must now be on site to administer the test. Our goal is to have all students participating in grade 5-12 Aquin Athletics complete the baseline test as soon as possible--and hopefully before practices begin. Students who completed their baseline in 2013-14 do not need to complete a baseline this year as the baselines are good for 2 years.

We have 40 computers available in our 2 high school computer labs. Therefore, if you can't arrive exactly at noon, that will be fine. Please be patient as the quick notice doesn't allow for scheduling beyond this. You may drop your students off and have them text or call you when they are finished. Aquin staff will keep them safe and occupied while they are waiting.

If you have any questions, please email or call 815-541-2596.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and patience!